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Online community for alumni takes off

April 26, 2007

A screenshot of the SF State alumni online communitySF State's alumni relations staff was excited when the new online alumni community was launched in February. But even they were surprised by the number of alumni who signed up -- more than 4,600 as of this week.

"We're very pleased with the enthusiastic response," said Doug Hupke, associate director of constituent relations. "The response rate reflects that alumni are eager to do more with their alma mater. But we're just as excited that this online community allows alumni to reconnect with each other. We hope that those who sign up will actively use the available tools to form connections and groups that will be of value to their professional and personal lives."

The online community, called SF State inCircle, is intended to help alumni leverage their network of SF State connections to find jobs, housing and business associates. Users can choose what information about themselves is made available to the entire community and what is private or limited to friends.

In addition to reconnecting and staying in touch with old friends, alumni make new connections by joining and creating groups or posting events based on their interests. Most of the groups are related to on-campus topics -- majors, graduating classes, student groups -- but there are also groups based on geography, including international alumni, and on professional and personal interests, including one for actors in New York and one for alumni interested in big band, jazz and swing music.

In addition, members can sign up to have their blog posts displayed in inCircle and read recent blog posts by other members. Members that don't have blogs can add journal entries viewed when other members click on their profile.

The network is limited to alumni, faculty, staff, graduating seniors and grad students.

For details, and to receive registration information, visit the Alumni Association Web site.

-- William Morris


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