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A few minutes with budding video-maker Rachel Fingerote

October 19, 2004

Photo of Rachel FingeroteAn all-expense-paid trip for five weeks in Los Angeles -- priceless. Rachel Fingerote, junior cinema major, had an experience of a lifetime this summer -- bumping shoulders and working with some of the most prominent names in the music industry: video directors, producers, marketing executives and distributors. Fingerote was one of 16 college students chosen from more than 20,000 applicants for the Priceless Experience internship sponsored by Mastercard International. During the internship, Fingerote and three other interns came up with ideas for videos to promote a new single from Hoobastank, an alternative rock band with a platinum-selling album and hit single, "The Reason."

Why did you choose to attend SFSU?
Because of the Cinema Department. It was my first and only choice. We have a really strong program. I also like to go home a lot and State is only two hours away from Monterey.

Who is your favorite SFSU faculty member? Why?
Jim [Jameson] Goldner, he's my advisor. He seems to care so much. I haven't had him as a professor but he' a great advisor. He's a really nice person and he genuinely cares about his students. The times that I went in to talk to him about what I want to do with this major, he really made things clear for me. I tell him what I want to do and he tells me the steps that I need to take.

Where on campus, outside of class, are you most likely to be found?
The bookstore. I love hanging out there, looking at the fun things that they have.

What was your first job?
I worked in a toy store in Carmel. I have only had two real jobs in my life. I worked at a toy store and a French bakery.

Who are your heroes?
My parents. It doesn't sound original, but they are. They're wonderful and they motivate me.

What person, dead or living, would you most like to meet?
My grandmother because my parents say I'm a lot like her. I never got to meet her. She passed away when my dad was 7.

What are your passions?
Spending time with my family. I'm really family-oriented and I have a boyfriend whom I just love. He goes to school in Ohio.

Other hobbies?
I edit. I work with my dad and help him edit commercials for the Monterey Jazz Festival.

Favorite quote?
"Never give up."

Favorite restaurant?
Night Town, in Ohio. It's a night club -- dinner, jazz, music.

Favorite food?
Pink's chili dogs. It's this place in Los Angeles.

What is the last movie you saw? Give us a one-sentence review.
"Green Card" -- my mom bought it from Target. I liked it because it's really sad and reminds me of my boyfriend and our relationship. It's about this French man and an American woman. They don’t know each other but they get married so he can stay in the country. At the end, they actually fall in love, but they have to say goodbye.

What is the most important issue facing college students today?
Getting into the classes that they want to get into. They should get what they paid for, but that's not always the case.

What are your long-term goals?
To have a successful family. That’s what I want most in life. I don’t care about money or jobs. I want all that but personally, I feel that I have to have (money and a job) to have a successful family.

-- Student Writer Audrey Tang with Matt Itelson


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