Reader: Olds, Sharon

Accession Number - 426

Date: 04/23/81
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: SFSU Campus only
Content: 1980 Poetry Center Book Award winner. "Satan Says," "The Quest," "Love Fossil," "Poem to My Father," "On the Beach at Dieppe," "The Greek Guerillas (1941-1945)," "The Partisans and the SS," "Tricks," "What if God," "The Meal," "Monarchs," "The Solution," "The Language of the Brag," "When My Children Leave Me," "The Talk," "Twelve Years Old," "Barometer," "The Bed," "Five Year Old Boy," "Eight and a Half Year Old Boy," "Phone Call From the Elegant Bachelor," "Morning," "Men and Their Sons," "The Child Dying of Starvation: Uganda 1980," "Cambridge Elegy: Henry Averell Gerry 1941-60," and "Prayer." Mayes, Frances (Intro.)

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