Reader: Nye, Naomi Shihab

Accession Number - 1385

Date: 10/16/97
Length: 52 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: Arab American
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: From The Tree is Older Than You Are: "El Lapiz Poeta," by Jesus Carlos Soto Morfin. "Butter Box," "She checks the corrections...," "The Last Day of August," "Enthusiasm in Two Parts." FromWords Under the Words: "White Silk." "So There," "The Palestinians Have Given Up Having Parties." From Words Under the Words: "Jerusalem." "Steps," "Messenger," "Full Day," "Telling the Story," "I Still Have Everything You Gave Me," "My Friend's Divorce," "String," and "Torn Map." Question-and-answer session.

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