Reader: Montoya, Jose

Accession Number - 243

Date: 04/13/77
Length: 30 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: Latino
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: "The Valley," "Misa and Fowler," "Jack-off Hangover," "Irish Priests and Chicano Sinners," "Don't Ever Lose Your Driver's License," "The Guard Tower At," "Sisters and Brothers of Confusion," "Barrio Landscape," "Angelo Alvarez," "Metamorphosis," "Always Do As," "A Happy Dog Is," "Arroz is Arroz is Arroz," "Until They Leave Us a Loan," "El Padre Nuestro," "Five Alone," "They Send Men," and "A'Slippin' and A'Slidin'."

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