Reader: Kyger, Joanne

Accession Number - 1153

Date: 03/25/93
Length: 28 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: Waiting for the sun to hit...," "November 17th," "Cold full moon restless...," "Incense for the Buddha," "They are alive...," "Some Frivolity," "Stew," "Home, I am home...," "In Memorium," "I am dancing around the closet...," "The very last moment...," "Continuing adventures in the life of the historical Naropa...," "Commitment," "It certainly was divine...," "Oh frenzy...," "Letter from Golden...," "In the pale blue dusk...," "A Story from Easter," "The dream of the poets turned...," "Snowfall on green leaves...," "For Your Birthday," "Snow," "Sunday, standard time is started...," "Randomly, for Ted," "From Journals of '92," "Priorities," "At Naropa, July '92," "Jungle Fever," "Jack Clark Passed Away July 9th," "Election News," "Compacity for Astonishment," "I Need a Bitter Taste," "Ocean up against cliff...," "Someone floats by...," "Especially for Your Eyes," "Adonis Is Older than Jesus," and "A lot of us are lying down...." Shurin, Aaron (Intro.) Clark, Tom (Co-Reader)

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