Reader: Kim, Willyce

Accession Number - 543

Date: 10/13/83
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: Asian/Pacific Islander
Use Policy: available
Content: ~"Mother, I want to sit down," "What do you want from me, big boy?" "The ashes from your eyes," "So you want an angry poem?" "The moon from under the hill," "Eating Artichokes," "Under the Rolling Sky," "Look, I'm huddled on your door steps," "How you make me ache," "I borrowed your name," "Sketch: Young Woman in the Arkansas Hills," "A Woman's Tribal Belt," "You know, on nights like this," "Eulogy," "Makai's First Light," "In this heat we gather ourselves," "For Suebie," "Lifeline for Marty Hoey," "Keeping Still Mountains," "Landscaping," "Homecoming," and "Touching Bottom and Pushing Out." Tsui, Kitty (Co-reader)

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