Reader: Asian-American Reading

Accession Number - 252

Date: 05/16/77
Length: 130 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: Asian/Pacific Islander
Language: English
Use Policy: SFSU Campus only
Content: Al Robles: "Odes To Bill Sorrow," "Manila Town Blues," and last three pages of a children's story. Lou Syquia: "Cannery Life," "Pan-Asian Holiday Tour," and "A Poem for A Brother." George Leong: "Antelope Killers For The Antelope People," "To The Supremist, Betty Carter," "Rice," "Memoirs," and "Belly Talk." Lane Nishikawa: "Manzanar," "The Bigot," and "No-No Boy For John Okada." Janice Mirikitani: "Loving From Vietnam To Zimbabwe" and "The Winner." Alan Lau: "A View from the Inside" and "Talking Back To Buddha." Loreen Mar: "To My Mother Who Fears For Me," "Digging Clams," "Starfish," "Chinatown I," "Chinatown II," "My Mother Who Came from China Where She Never Saw Snow," and "A Woman Running." Garrett Hongo: "Gardena," "The Hongo Store," "Midnight In Tokyo," "Poem For Alan Lau," "Rabbit," and "Oracle." Chan, Jeffrey; Hongo, Garrett; Lau, Alan; Leong, George; Mar, Loreen; Mirikitani, Janice; Nishikawa, Lane; Robles, Al; Syquia, Lou (Co-readers)

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