Accession Number - 894

Date: 11/27/88
Length: 22 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: CH
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: SFSU Campus only
Content: From Outlying Districts: "L'enfance," "Moments ofL'esprit de L'escalier #736," "Heroic," "Headline," "Monumentally Self-deluded," "Conversations Between The Abstracted #2318," "Slightly Defensive," "Idyll," "Too Much Money Or Wat It Honey," "Teacher," "Irritable Aliens," "Exciting Moments Of The Past #631," "End Of The Range," "Jeremiah Digest," "Space Baltic," "In This Court Of Entrance Stood The Gigantic Remains Of A Supposition," "Diary," "Wordsworth Briefly Revisited," "Bro Hipponax," "Local Color," "Great Moments Of The Past #863," "10th May '88," "Tarp," "Quando Something El Sol," "The Art Through the Ages," "The Buddha Is In," "In The `Hip' Little Bookshop," "La Vida," "Two Parts," "Poem On The Shelf," "A Gig," "Italics," "He The Old Guy," "Things To Do At 453 South 1300 East, Winter '86," "Angel Wings," "For Ted Berrigan," "Local Color," "So," "`Dig Yields Wealth Of Knowledge On Utah's Ancients'," "Who Wrote This," "Those Bright Moments When It All Makes Sense," "Don't Drop The Yule Log On Your Foot," and "No Detachment." From "Minigolf, A Sequence:" "The Way," "Castle," "Pygmy Hut," "Around The World," "Pinball," "Alligator," "Elephant," "Hills," "The Jump," "Rocket," "Glance," "Chant," "Lighthouse," "The Curve," "Snail," "Tick-Tock," "Chickencoop," and "The Fish." Also "Things To Do For The Aspiring Young Writers Of Poughkeepsie Senior High," "Brother (D.H.) Lawrence," "In The Land Of Art," "The Mad," "La Mort," "In The Library Of Poets' Recordings," "So There's This Little Man," "Clearly and Dearly," and "Letter To Uncle O."

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