Reader: Hirshfield, Jane

Accession Number - 680

Date: 04/10/86
Length: 28 min.
Tape Quality: good
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: From Of Gravity & Angels: "After Work," "In A Net of Blue And Gold," "Osiris," "Proteus," "Justice Without Passion," "Oct. 20th, 1983," "With Singing And Banners," "On Reading Brecht," "The Song," "A Story," "Just Below the Surface, Fish, Still," "In That World The Angels Wear Fins," "Untitled Poem," "Heat," "For What Binds Us," "That Falling," "November, Remembering Voltaire," "The Pattern that Connects," and "Childhood, Horses, Rain." Phillips, Frances (Intro.) St. John, David (Co-reader)

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