Reader: Heller, Michael

Accession Number - 654

Date: 11/14/85
Length: 40 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: From In The Builded Place: "Born in Water," "In a Dark Time, On His Grandfather," "Partitions" (including "The Oath," "Street," and "3 A.M., The Muse"), "With a Telescope in the Sangre De Cristo," "After Class," "Moon Study," "Asthma," "Choral Stanzas," "Marginalia in Desperate Hand," "Post Insertion Omni Triste," "Statue, Jardin du Luxembourg," "On A Line From Baudelaire," "For Uncle Nat," "Mamaloshon," "Accidental Meeting with an Israeli Poet," "Palestine" (including "Snow Glides," "My Palestine," "Always Somewhere Else," "In That Salty Biblical Sweetness," "Yea, Now I Am Lifted," and "I'm So Far Away"), and "A Night for Chinese Poets." Phillips, Frances (Intro.) Rakosi, Carl (Co-reader)

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