Accession Number - 893

Date: 11/27/88
Length: 30 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: CH
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: SFSU Campus only
Content: From Sentences: "I love the shapes of things," "actualities, materialize," "close close," "WHO // who wants to loves to does," "likeness of the world to something it itself," "yellow green white," "I hopped past," "what a weird deserted place New Hampshire is," "FOR JAMES FISK // sunshine the sizeable potato," "Friday night you stayed home and sewed," "the squirrel on a rainy day," "I'm not leaving my bed in the gloom," "I shouldn't have slept with my shirt on," "I'm so stiff from exercise," "AMY // could you get my spoon," "E -- how long have we been home / B -- not long / E -- could the chicken be done / B -- yep," "SOMEBODY DID DRIVE BACK HERE," "AMY // I just wanted // something to drink // milk," "POPLARS // facing away," "JOE // JOE," "GOOD DOG FACE //GOOD DOG FACE," "backs and wings," "fire and water identical sounds," "light & // and shade," "steering the wheel," "walking down Washington Avenue," "stepping through the water to the rocks," "obtain from the brook," and "tomato struck by hail." From transpiration / transpiration: first section, "WHAT I BELIEVE," -- "WHAT I BELIEVE IN," "YOUR GARDEN," "BEAUTY," "LE JARDIN ARTISTIC," "COMPUTER," "WARBLE," "WISPY HEAD," "TO A SEAL GONE," "BRAHMS," "LOUIE THE," "third can of minestrone in as many nights," "TUMOR," "my heart is beating (I am a beast)," "HOT NIGHT," "OTHERS," "JACK-O-LANTERN / SHAPE O' THE HEAD," "BUSH TITS," and "I DID."

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