Reader: Gitin, David

Accession Number - 339

Date: 05/09/79
Length: 31 minutes
Tape Quality: fair
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: From This Once: New and Selected Poems 1965-1978: "New Year," "Yer Blues," "Guitar Against The Wall," "In Which," "Absolutely," "The Shore," "The Exchange," "John Kennedy," "Pierce Street," "Lonely Woman," "The Sea, My Ignorance, Waves," "Gulls On The Roof," "Wise Men," "Ocean," "Table," "A Tree," "Related To The Sea," "March Winds," "Angel Poem," "Time Out Of Mind," "Zeno," "American Motors," "The Sway Of `A'," "The Last Moose In Minnesota," "Erasable Bond," "Better Days," "Interval," "Stanzas From 'Two -- 'Three," "Presque Rien," "No Sweat," "Horizon #2," "Buffalo," "Congruence," "Miles Beyond," "Ukiah," "Chapter," "Gumbo Heaven," "The Pilgrim," "Canvas," "Morning Song," "Sex Paint," "Untitled," "Keep Me From Blowin' Away," "The Measure," "The Great American Garage Sale," "Beam," "Letter #2," "Moment's Notice," "Greek Olives," and unpublished: "Pedal Point." Mandel, Tom (Intro.)

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