Reader: Gaspar De Alba, Alicia

Accession Number - 1319

Date: 12/14/95
Length: 39 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: Latina
Use Policy: available
Content: "La Frontera," "Domingo," "Lent," "Thunderbird," "Beggar On the Cordoba Bridge," "Hunchback," "Malinchista." From Mystery of Survival and Other Stories: "Los derechos de la malinche," "The Pinata Dream," from ""Elemental Journey," "Adirondack Park," "Swimming in Lime Kiln Lake," "The Niagara River Speaks Three Languages," and from Sor Juana (novel in manuscript). Catacalos, Rosemary (Intro.) Burciaga, Jose Antonio (Co-reader)

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