Reader: Di Prima, Diane

Accession Number - 1401

Date: 2/19/98
Length: 31 min.
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: From Pieces of a Song: "Another Revolutionary Letter, 1988," "Bulletin." From Revolutionary Letters: "Rant, from a Cool Place." "The Poetry Deal." From Poetics of Loss (Exercise): "What is the Name of Those Flowers," "The Stars are as Far Away as Ever," "Hard is Getting to Sleep," "List of Apologies I Meant to Make," 'Spring Strawberries Tart," "If My Teacher Were Here to Instruct Me," "He Said He'd Meet Me at the Barrier Gate," "My Flesh a Feast for Vultures," "Sorry to Leave You This Mess," and "Here, Take This Bottle of Echinachea." "The Decline of the West," "A Farewell Rite," "Once More -- An Elegy." From The Loba Poems: "The Loba Recovers the Memory of a Mare," "Walkway (Gawain)," "The Loba Longs for Remembrance in the Boredom," and "Ishtar." Kalliban section: "Because You Bred the Burning Grounds," "When Will Heart Lotus Bloom," "They Call Me Drunkard, Though I Drink No Liquor," and "Persephone -- Reprise." Mirosevich, Toni (Intro.) DeVries, Rachel Guido (Co-reader)

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