Reader: Davies, Alan

Accession Number - 785

Date: 02/26/88
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: "What's `Language Poetry'?" "Lipstick on my Dipstick," and "Remarks on Wittgenstein's Remarks on Fraser's Golden Bough." From Riot Now: "The Dialectical Thinker Stands a Step Back," "Congress Questions Polish Ollie," "Red X," and "Jealousy is an Affliction of Youth." "Going Off Half-Cocked." From Riot Now: "To See You in Other Places," "An Hour of This is Worth a Hundred Days," "The Idea of Order at Lizard Key," "Her Eyes Took Me With Arithmetic Accuracy," "I Want to Touch Your Little Nipples," "Desire - Affection With an Occasion, Really," "Capitalism and Form," "Wot We Wukkers Wont," "Early English," "You Accept Some Things," and "Some Little Sloping Word Clusters Can Incline the Mind." "30 East 42nd Street," "Shout Out to Brooklyn," and "Epic Thalamos." Watten, Barrett (Intro.)

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