Reader: Clark, Tom

Accession Number - 1068

Date: 03/25/93
Length: 78 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: From The Secret Life of Cindy Crawford. From Junkets on a Sad Planet: Scenes from The Life of John Keats: "Pegasus Jockey," "Sideral Study," "Chapman's Homer," "Imagination," "Debut," "Endymion," "Leaving London on the Exeter Stage," "Off Season," "Premonitory," "Windermere," "Fingal's Cave," "Quietness II," "Christmas Party," "Voyeurism," "Cross-currents," "Queen's Square," "Irresolution," "The Summer Triangle," "A Pocket Apollo," "Phosphorescence," "Psyche's Bower," "First Person," "Sweet Surrender," "A Warm Situation," "Laudanum," "Three Day's Dream," "Engagement," "Hieroglyph," "Wine and Fever," "Devastated Angels," "Percipience," "Come Evening on Shipboard," "En Route," "Gravesend," "Decoys," "Coda: Echo and Variation," XI and XII . Shurin, Aaron (Intro.) Kyger, Joanne (Co-Reader)

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