Reader: Chrystos

Accession Number - 1359

Date: 02/27/97
Length: 45 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: Native American
Use Policy: available
Content: ~ "No matter how long it takes...," byHugo Panel. From Extracts from Pelican Bay: "I walk in the history of my people...," "Anthropology," "Menominee Woman You are Good and Beautiful," "Dream lesbian lover....," From Fugitive Colors: "The Real Indian" "At the Bottom" "Before Me the Land & Water Open" "The Rich," "When I First ," From Fire Power: "Crazy Horse," and "Mr. Winddancer. " "Shame On," and "Honor Dance for the Four Winds." Gomez, Jewelle (Intro.); Dienstfrey, Patricia (Co-reader)

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