Reader: Castano, Wilfredo

Accession Number - 247

Date: 12/04/74
Length: 37 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Film Festival
Ethnicity: Latino
Language: English
Use Policy: SFSU Campus only
Content: "Lost Ramblings," "Laying On The Cliffs At Bear Canyon," "I wondered if she was an illusion..."(a poem with photos), "Existentialist Romance #1-#3" (a poem with photos), "A Conception of Death in Six Forms" (a poem with photos), "Two Step Poem," "Divine Poem," "Poem #16," "San Bernardino Poem," "Cat Face," "Bull Fight," "Night Walk in Spain," "Cocktail," "Screams, Letters, & Dreams," "In Flight," "Outdoor Poem," "Folk Deity," "University of Sand," "Old Time," and "Dedications." Kaufman, Bob (Co-reader)

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