Reader: Broughton, James

Accession Number - 844

Date: 11/12/89
Length: 80 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: "The Ballad of Mad Jenny" (excerpts), "This Is It" (first verse), "Buddha Land" (excerpt), "Nipples and Cocks" (excerpt), "Papa Has A Pig," "Paris Street Song: Geraldine," "The Song of Santiago de Compostella," and "I Heard In The Shell." From The Playground: "Song of the Ice Cream Girl," "The Aisles of Eden Part IV," "Quench," "I Have the God," "Hermes Bringer of Heats," "Shaman Psalm" (excerpt), "Here Comes Your Messiah," "Everybody Out," "Laughing Matter," "Sunburn Serenade," "Always, Ever and Only," "I Sleep With Elegies," "Questions In A Time of Plague," "Thinking About Death," "Defective Wiring," "Settling the Dust," "News From The Nursing Home," "Aglow in Nowhere," "The Last Sermon of Gnarley Never" and "Those Old Zen Blues." Interviewed by Michael McClure. McClure, Michael (Intro and Interview) Foley, Jack (Intro.)

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