Reader: Brossard, Nicole

Accession Number - 700

Date: 10/23/86
Length: 72 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Use Policy: available
Content: From Fran Quebec: French Kiss, Lovhers 1976 - A Monologue for Theatre: "The Writer." From L'Amer (These Our Mothers): "Figure" and "Analysis." From Vision: "1980 - Lovhers." From Screen Skin: "Picture Theory." From Typical: "It is a Language" (French/English), "Contemplating the Abstract Light" (French/English), "It Takes Verbs to Reverse the Horizon" (French/English), "Hence the Day. The Gaze Tones Down the Climate" (French/English), "Here I Am Again" (French/English), "Permanence Copied In the Eyes" (French/English), "Far From Everything" (French/English), "Of Reflected Things" (French/English), and "Certain Words." Question-and-answer session. Phillips, Frances (Intro.)

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