Reader: Bronk, William

Accession Number - 1052

Date: 02/14/91
Length: 44 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: "Some Musicians Play Chamber Music For Us," "For An Early Italian Musician," "Music That Sees Beyond The World," "Virgin and Child With Music and Numbers," "The Bach Trombones In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania," "The Aria," "To Praise Music," "Deaf Beethoven,""In Verdi the silly stories may have been true...," "Mozart wrote as though it mattered...," "After Bach," "Beethoven: The Late Sonatas," "The Nature of Musical Form," "Yes: I Mean So OK -Love," "Love As A Great Power," "The Touch," "Unsatisfied Desire," "Questions for Eros," "Even So," "On Being Not Worthy," "The Body of This Life," "The Rumination of Rivers," "Rule Book," "One Flesh," and "That Something There Is Should Be." Gluck, Robert (Intro.)

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