Reader: Waterfront Writers

Accession Number - 279

Date: 05/15/78
Length: 60 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Use Policy: SFSU Campus only
Content: ~Ken Fox: "Listen To Me," "Answered Question," "Untitled," "Simply, It's You and I," and "Shop Talk." George Benet: "The Year They Invented Poor People," "Daughter," and "How Arrogance and Big Money Destroyed San Francisco." Asher Hare: Tells an anecdote about Herman. Gene Dennis: "The Commute," "The Workman's Compensation," "The Older Woman," "A Question of Priorities," "Memories of a Blackout," "Down at the Drive-In," "A One-Night-Stand," "Encounter With a Container," "No Epitaph," and "Bill of Sale." Herb Mills: "Offshoreman," "Folk Tales and Oral Tradition," and a slide show. Robert Carson: "Old Sailor Looking At A Container Ship," "Dublin I," "Dublin II," and "Sligo." George Benet: "Women." Carson, Bob (Intro.) Fox, Ken; Benet, George; Asher, Hare; Dennis, Gene (Co-readers)

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