Reader: Bly, Robert

Accession Number - 567

Date: 03/20/84
Length: 100 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: Plays a bouzouki. "I know you. I see you," "A Poem of Ifs," "Each day I long so much to see the true teacher...," "The Dead Seal," "The oyster looks inpenetrable..." (poetic excercise), "Changing Diapers" (by Gary Snyder), "The salamander stops halfway across the marshy forest path...," "The Ocean King...," "The small waves along the headlands..." (poem by Rolf Jacobsen), "We should pay attention to the names the Holy One has for things..."(poem by Rumi), and "I don't like it here..." (poem by Rumi). Comments on Antonio Machado, Vietnam, Central America, politics in poetry, and the ERA. "If there were just one sign of the other world in this town...," "May God help us toward manners...," and "Every day we wake up empty and scared..." (translations of Rumi); "Is My Soul Asleep" (translation from Antonio Machado's Times Alone); "Full Moon and Fall" (translation of Basho); and "In the month of May when all leaves open...." Comments on The Wild Man, a book in progress, men's groups/women's groups, and Spanish vs. French surrealism.

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