Reader: Van Arsdale, Sarah

Accession Number - 1346

Date: 10/24/96
Length: 24 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Use Policy: available
Content: ~"Pneumography," from Card Catalog, "Aspiration," "Bell," "Birds, All of Them," "Chest, Mine," "Day After Roger Tory Peterson Died," "Disappointment About Extinction, Mine," "Drunks On My Street," "Fear of Isabel's Cancer, Mine," "Fear of Cancer, Mine," "Handwriting, Mine," "Hall In Door of Library," "Indigo," "(?)," "Lump In My Breast," "Lingerie," "Mastectomy, My Grandmother's," "(?)," "Nature," "Period, My Menstrual," "Painting of Rabbit...," "Pigeon, April 29, 1996," "Regret, Roger Tony Peterson's," "Rocket, Hermes," "Test For Cancer, Isabel's Pending," "Tulips, Purple," "Unborn Children, Mine," "VW, Julie's '71 Squareback," "We Don't Say That Word...," "What the Doctor Said," and "White-Breasted Nuthatch." Mirosevich, Toni (Intro.); Gluck, Robert (Co-reader)

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