Reader: Blaser, Robin

Accession Number - 549

Date: 11/09/83
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: From Image Nations: "Image Nation 12 (Actus)." From Syntax: "The Truth is Laughter" (a series), anecdotes, untitled sections, quotes, etc. "Image Nation 15 (the lacquer house)," "The Truth is Laughter," "alerte D'Or," "The Truth is Laughter," "Dreams, April 1981," "Diary, April 11, 1981," "The Truth is Laughter," and "Image Nation 17 (Opercula)." From Mystic East: "lake of souls (reading notes)," "Graffito (men's room in Vancouver airport)," "Departure (Envoi-Commiato)," "further," "harp, trees," "The Iceberg," "A cet ultime instant," "The Pause," "`The Universe is Part of Ourselves,'" "romance," "no-name," "The Soul," "The Ruler," "Skylights Smoking a Ramses Cigarette," "to whom it may concern," "Hi!" "Dr. Bernardo," "The Wand," "Honestdas," "three epitaphs," and "Territory."

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