Reader: Shoemaker, Jack

Accession Number - 112

Date: 04/10/75
Length: 18 minutes
Tape Quality: fair
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: "Islands Chimeric," "With You," "The Love I See," "With your hair pulled back you look Egyptian...," "For Fred," "She came to play baseball...," "Dr. Boerike and Daniel Moore: The Flowercure," "The Voyage," "Everything is new now, nothing is different...," "Gestures: The Proof," "Emily," "So delicate a child...," "From a Window," "Self Portrait," "Almost Thirty, for Richard Brautigan," "Into the Battlefield," "Here I am...," "On a String," "I thought it was the Spanish who were overwhelmed with love...," "The Diary," "Quotation," "Vermeer," "One good and quiet man...," and "You with your legs crosst...." Fraser, Kathleen (Intro.) Davidson, Michael; Loewinsohn, Ron (Co-readers)

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