Reader: Rodney, Janet

Accession Number - 702

Date: 10/30/86
Length: 45 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: "Interruption" and "The Desert Rose." From Orphydice: "Sister Life," "There, Now They Have Their Light," "When You Live in a Town Like This," "Morning Air," "Slap of Clothes on Rock," "North Wind," "Rain Undoing," "Light Flickers," "You Get to Know That Rat," "No One Teaches You Those Prayers," "Nailed to a Cross," "Remember the Earth," "Quiet, Quiet," "Other Birds Fly Through the Air," "Pain," "Just a Moment," "What Turns a World Around," "Ah, Gringo," and "For a Long Time He Stops." From Crystals: "The Consolation of Philosophy," "It Is Clear as She Goes Down That Stair," "To This Day One Thinks of the Structure," and "The Hill in Sun and Shadow." Two poems on Mother's death: "Under the Horizon" and "To Face the Rotting Down." "Ariadne's Thread: For Paula Hochs." From About China: "Chang Chun," "People in the City of Trees," "Pedaling Past a Gate," "He Opens His Fan," "She Would Like to Seize Bird's Tail," "You Were a Red Guard," "Winds of Change," "Make No Mistake," "On the Curb," and "By Chance We Meet." Phillips, Frances (Intro.) Tarn, Nathaniel (Co-reader)

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