Reader: Rakosi, Carl

Accession Number - 655

Date: 11/14/85
Length: 37 minutes
Tape Quality: good
Collection: Poetry Center
Ethnicity: white
Language: English
Use Policy: available
Content: From The Poet: "Homages," "Poetry," "The Simile," "The Metaphor," "Image," "The Clock Strikes, These Are the Steps of Our Departure," "As the Body of Mystery," "Nine Natures of Metaphor," "Fortifications," "Who Died Here?" "The China Policy," "Letting the Spirit Out," "When He Sat Down To His Desk," "The Poet Opens a Box," "When you have been through...," "What Rides the Galaxies," "A Statelier Pyramus," "The Transmutation into English," "Associations With a View from the House," "There Is Clay," "Detail," "Punk Rock," "Heavy Hangs the Age at Occupation," "I Like Burn's Modesty," "I Mean To Penetrate the Particular," "A New Breed Overruns," "In an Age of Injustice," and "The Vow." Phillips, Frances (Intro.) Heller, Michael (Co-reader)

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