Prophet's Song

Chunky on the shag rug
I'm looking for my anthem
I'm looking for my headphones
I'm looking for the bare spot
On the rug to wallow side-
Stepped on the chair-stopped
Door, and as I blast my ears
Out with A Night at the Opera,
I'm looking at pictures of you
My catholic princes, my mother
Father proxy, I'm in London
With you now, the koi pond, the flamingo,
The statues, the hymnal,
The Aretha Franklin song at the funeral,
Alone on a pew, watching the water,
Watching the bare spot on the rug
Filled with pictures on the floor,
I'm ignoring the knocks on the door
I'm ignoring the knocks on the door
Stepped and stripped on the chair-
Stopped door, I'm listening, listening.


Issue Two
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