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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Local Development and Social Economy, Unavoidable Elements of the New Environment

Author: Levesque, B.
Author Background:
Date 1999
Type Journal
Journal Title: Economie-et-Solidarites
Volume/Pages 30(1) 111-126
Subject Matter Community Development; International; Globalization
Abstract Describes how local development & social economy have become more important than before in the new environment. Taken separately, these two elements do not constitute a new model of development in the new conjuncture, however, they represent unavoidable elements for rethinking the future, & for economic democratization. Preliminary remarks about different components of the new environment & the factors that contributed to its production are offered. A distinction is made between the old & new local development, from the point of view of territory & social connections, showing how it offers interesting opportunities for rethinking relations between the economy & the social. Social conomy's place in the new environment is determined by demonstrating that the entire economy is social, & that it is linked to the models of development. Clarifications about what must be understood by the notion of the new social economy are presented. 24 References. Adapted from the source document