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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Culture-specific models for men's sexual aggression: intra- and interpersonal determinants.

Author: Hall, G.C.N; Sue, S; Narang, D.S; Lilly, R.S
Author Background: Dept. of Psychology, The Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park 16803; gch3@psu.edu
Date 8/2000
Type Journal
Journal Title: Cultural-Diversity-and-Ethnic-Minority-Psychology
Volume/Pages 6(3): 252-267
Subject Matter Asian American
Abstract : This is a psychosocial study of suicidal behavior of Asian American college students. Eight participants were recruited and interviewed regarding their family history and beliefs, college life, relationships, values, experiences as Asian Americans, and the precipitants and extent of their suicidal behavior. The findings are presented in the form of thematic analysis. The predominant issue for all the participants was the deprivation of love and validation from their primary love objects and their ongoing elusive search for the lost love in their other relationships. The issue of participants' internalization of their aggression is examined in light of the nature of treatment by their mothers and the Asian cultural value system.