Editors: George W. Tuma, Professor Emeritus of English, and Dinah Hazell, Independent Scholar
Hosted by the English Department, San Francisco State University



We are pleased to present two collections of late Middle English literature: “Harken to Me: Late Middle English Romances in Translation,” and “The Wicked Age: Middle English Complaint Literature in Translation.”  They are intended to introduce these important groups of works to readers who would not encounter them elsewhere or study them in the original text.  The translations, which are designed to engage the modern reader while retaining the original character of the literature, include both familiar and obscure poems to represent the diversity of the genres. 

Though often underrepresented, these genres are vital to the study of the literature of the dynamic era in which they were produced and its culture.  Accompanied by background material and explanatory commentaries, the translations are well suited to a wide range of disciplines such as English literature, comparative literature, cultural studies, history, humanities, and medieval and early modern studies.  And, of course, they will also have appeal to the general reader interested in the period.

This edition is a departure from previous MF volumes that feature articles and book reviews and which may be viewed by clicking on the Past Volumes link.  However, our original mission remains the same: the contribution to electronic medieval scholarship of high quality in a free access venue for a wide and diverse readership.

We hope you enjoy the translations and catch an enticing glimpse of the social conditions, values and concerns that had meaning for both their authors and audiences.


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