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The Acts of Matthew and Andrew
in the City of Cannibals

Tom Sharp


In the second century after the death of Jesus, legends arose to fill in the gaps about which the New Testament is silent, particularly the experiences of the apostles whom Jesus had instructed to "make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19), even "to the ends of the earth" (Acts 1:8). These legends of the lots of the apostles entertained early Christians for hundreds of years. This story was written down in Greek probably shortly before 400 A.D. by an Egyptian monk. The city of cannibals was Marmadonia, thought to be a town in Scythia, now in eastern Crimea; Andrew starts his journey from the land of Achaia, a region of Scythia on the east coast of the Black Sea. 

This translation follows the Old English translation of a lost Latin translation of the Greek text. The text is given superscript verse numbers to make it easy to compare the Modern to the Old English text. The Old English text, "Sancte Andrea," is from Bright's Old English Grammar and Reader, third edition. Verse numbers and side-by-side paragraphs are used instead of side-by-side verses to retain the modern convention of prose paragraphs.

Readers may be interested in the following claims:

The Old English translator created a document that clearly reflects his Anglo Saxon sensibility, yet derivation of this prose from the Latin makes it easier to both read and to translate into Modern English than Old English poetic texts such as Beowulf.

The translation is nearly literal, intended to retain the flavor and phrasing of the Old English.

The story is intentionally entertaining, full of exaggeration and other rhetorical forms of cleverness. I encourage you read the Old English aloud; it is rich with a vocabulary that we might wish were still enjoyed in Modern English.

The Old English alphabet is the same as the Modern English alphabet except for the use of thorns and eths. Thorns are shaped like the letter P, and eths are shaped like a crossed letter D. These characters are included in some modern TrueType fonts, such as Times OE- Roman, along with the standard ligature æ. However, because many users do not have a font that can display these characters, both thorns and eths are converted in the Old English text to "th."


The Acts of Matthew and Andrew in the City of Cannibals

1Here it says that after our Lord Savior Christ ascended to heaven, the apostles were together, and they cast lots among themselves to learn where each of them should travel. 2It says that the blessed Matthew was given by lot the city of Marmadonia. 3It says then that the men who were in this city ate no bread and drank no water, but ate men's flesh and drank their blood. 4 And whatever foreign man who came into the city, it says that they immediately seized him and put out his eyes, and they gave him a potion to drink that was blended with much witchcraft, and when he drank this drink, immediately his heart was undone and his mind overturned.


1Her segth thæt æfter tham the Drihten Hælend Crist to heofonum astah thæt tha apostolas wæron ætsomne, and hie sendon hlot him betweonum, hwider hyra gehwylc faran scolde to læranne. 2Segth thæt se eadiga Matheus gehleat to Marmadonia thære ceastre. 3Segth thonne thæt tha men the on thære ceastre wæron thæt hie hlaf ne æton ne wæter ne druncon, ac æton manna lichaman and heora blod druncon. 4And æghwylc man the on thære ceastre com æltheodisc, segth thæt hie hine sona genamon and his eagan ut astungan, and hie him sealdon attor drincan thæt min myclen lybcræft wæs geblanden, and mid thy the hie thone drenc druncon, hrathe heora heorta wæs tolesed and heora mod onwended.

5The blessed Matthew went into the city, and quickly they put out his eyes. 6 And they gave him a potion to drink and sent him to prison. 7And they told him to eat the potion and he wouldn't eat it, so his heart was not undone nor his mind overturned, 8but he prayed continually to the Lord with much weeping and said to him, 9"My Lord Savior Christ, why did we all give up our families and follow you, and put all our trust in you and believe in you? 10Look now and see how these men are treating your servant. 11And I ask you, Lord, that you give back the light of my eyes that I may see those in this city who have begun to do to me the worst torment, and do not forsake me, my Lord Savior Christ, nor deliver me to this bitterest death."


5Se eadiga Matheus tha in eode on tha ceastre, and hrathe hie hine genamon and his eagon ut astungan. 6And hie him sealdon attor drinccan and hine sendon on carcerne. 7And hie hine heton thæt attor etan and he hit etan nolde, for thon the his heorte næs tolesed ne his mod onwended, 8ac he wæs simle to Drihtne biddende mid myclum wope and cwæth to him, 9"Min Drihten Hælend Crist, for thon we ealle forleton ure cneorisse and wæron the fylgende and thu eart ure ealra fultum, tha the on the gelyfath. 10Beheald nu and geseoh hu thas men thinum theowe doth. 11And ic the bidde, Drihten, thæt thu me forgife minra eagna leoht thæt ic geseo tha the me onginnath don on thisse ceastre tha weorstan tintrego, and ne forlæt me, min Drihten Hælende Crist, ne me ne s ele on thone bitterestan death."

12When the blessed Matthew had said this prayer, a great light and brightness lit up the prison, and the Lord's voice was speaking in the light, 13 "Matthew, my beloved, look on me." 14Looking, Matthew saw the Lord Christ, and again the Lord's voice was speaking, 15"Matthew, be strong and do not be afraid, because I will never forsake you, but I will free you from all troubles, and not only that, but also all your brothers and all who believe in me in all time for forever. 16But stay here for 27 nights, and after that I will send to you Andrew your brother and he will lead you and all who are here with you out of this prison." 17When this was said, the Lord said again to him, "Peace be with you."


12Mid thy the he this gebed se eadiga Matheus gecweden hæfde, mycel leoht and beorht onleohte thæt carcern and Drihtnes stefn wæs on thæm leohte cwethende, 13 "Matheus min se leofa, beheald on me." 14Matheus tha lociende, he geseah Drihten Crist, and eft Drihten stefn wæs cwethende, 15"Matheus, wes thu gestrangod and ne ne ondræd thu the, for thon ne forlæt ic the æfre, ac ic the gefreolsige of ealra frecennesse, and nalæs thæt an, ac simle ealle thine brethere and ealle tha the on me gelyfath on eallum tidum oth ecnesse. 16Ac onbid her xxvii nihta, and æfter than ic sende to the Andreas thinne brother and he the ut alædeth of thissum carcerne and ealle tha the mid the syndon." 17Mid thy the this gecweden æ Drihten him eft to cwæth, "Sib se mid the."

18Matthew then remained in prayer and sang praises of the Lord in the prison. 19And the unrighteous men came into the prison so that they could lead out the men and make them into food. 20The blessed Matthew then shut his eyes lest the jailors see that his eyes were opened, 21and they said to themselves, "Three days now are left until we will kill him and make him into food."


18Matheus tha thurhwuniende mid gebedum and Drihtnes lof singende on tham carcerne. 19And tha unrihtan men in eodon in thæt carcern thæt hie tha men ut lædan woldon and him to mete don. 20Se eadiga Matheus tha betynde his eagan thy læs tha cwelleras gesawan thæt his eagan geopenede wæron, 21and he cwædon him betwynum, "III dagas nu to lafe syndon thæt we hine willath acwellan and us to mete gedon."

22The blessed Matthew had completed 20 days when the Lord Savior Christ spoke to Andrew his apostle, when he was in the land of Achaia and teaching his disciples there. 23He said, "Go to the city of Marmadonia to bring Matthew from there, because three days are left before they will kill him and make him into food."


22Se eadiga Matheus, se gefelde xx daga tha Drihten Hælende Crist cwæth to Andreae his apostolæ, mid thi the he wæsin Achaia tham lande and thær lærde his discipuli. 23He cwæth, "Gang on Marmadonia ceastre and alæd thanon Matheus, for thon iii dagas to hlafe syndon thæt hie hine willath acwellan and him to mete gedon."

24The holy Andrew answered him and he said, "My Lord Savior Christ, how may I travel there in three days? 25But more likely you should send your angel, that it may travel more quickly, because, my Lord, you know that I am a man of flesh, and I may not quickly travel there because the journey is too long and I can not do it."


24Se haliga Andreas him andswarode and he cwæth, "Min Drihten Hælende Crist, hu mæg ic hit on thrim dagum gefaran? 25Ac ma wen is thæt thu onsende thinne engel, se hit mæg hrædlicor gefaran, for thon, min Drihten, thu wast thæt ic eam flæsclic man, and ic hit ne mæg hrædlice gefaran for thon se sithfæt is thider to lang and ic thone weg ne can."

26The Lord said to him, "Andrew, hear me, because I made you, and I established and constructed this. 27Go now to the seashore with your disciples, and there you will find a ship on the shore. 28Board it with your disciples."


26Drihten him to cwæth, "Andreas, geher me, for thon the ic the geworhte and ic thinne sith gestathelode and getrymede. 27Gang nu to thæs sæs warothe mid thinum discipulum, and thu thær gemetest scip on tham warothe. 28Astig on thæt mid thinum discipulum."

29The holy Andrew arose in the morning and he went to the sea with his disciples and he saw the ship on the shore and three men were sitting in it.  30And he rejoiced with much joy and said to him, "Brother, where will you travel to with this little ship?"


29Se haliga Andreas tha aras on mergen and he eode to thære sæ mid his discipulum and he geseah scip on tham warothe and iii weras on tham sittende. 30 And he wæs gefeonde mid micle gefean and him to cwæth, "Brothor, hwider willath ge faran mid this medmiclum scipe?"

31The Lord Savior was on that ship as the helmsman, and his two angels with him, who were changed into the form of men. 32The Lord Christ said to him, "To the city of Marmadonia."


31Drihten Hælend wæs on tham scipe swa se steorrethra, and his twegen englas mid him, tha wæron gehwyrfede on manna onsyne. 32Drihten Crist him to cwæth, "On Marmadonia ceastre."

33The holy Andrew answered him and he said, "Brother, take us with you on that ship and guide us to that city."


33Se haliga Andreas him andswarode and he cwæth, "Brothor, onfoh us mid eow on thæt scip and gelædath us on tha ceastre."

34The Lord said to him, "All men flee from that city. 35Why would you travel there?"


34Drihten him to cwæth, "Ealle men fleoth of thære ceastre. 35To hwæm willath ge thidere feran?"

36The holy Andrew answered him. He said, "We have an urgent errand there and we have a need to fulfill it."


36Se haliga Andreas him andswarode. He cwæth, "Nedmycel ærende we thider habbath and us is thearf thæt we hit gefyllon."

37The Lord Savior said to him, "Board this ship with us and give us your fare."


37Drihten Hælend him to cwæth, "Astigath on this scip to us and sellath us eowerne færsceat."

38The holy Andrew answered him, "Listen, brother, we don't have the fare. 39 But we are disciples of the Lord Savior Christ, whom he chose, and he gave us this command and he said, 'When you go to teach the gospel, don't take with you bread nor money nor a change of clothes.' 40If you would show kindness toward us, tell us so quickly; if you will not, send us on our way."


38Se haliga Andreas him andswarode, "Gehyrath ge, brothor, nabbath we færsceat.  39Ac we syndon discipuli Drihtnes Hælendes Cristes, tha he geceas, and this bebod he us sealde and he cwæth, 'Thonne ge faren godspel to lærenne, thonne nabe ge mid eow hlaf ne feoh ne twifeald hrægl.' 40Gif thu thonne wille mildheortnesse mid us don, saga us thæt hrætlice; gif thu thonne nelle, gecyth us thone weg."

41The Lord Savior said to him, "If you were given this command from your Lord, climb aboard with us to travel on my ship." 42The holy Andrew boarded the ship and he sat before the helmsman (who was the Lord Savior Christ).


41Drihten Hælend him to cwæth, "Gif this gebod eow wære geseald fram eowrun Drihtene, astigath hider mid gefean on min scip." 42Se halga Andreas astah on thæt scip and he gesæt beforan tham steorrethran (thæt wæs Drihten Hælend Crist).

43The Lord Savior said to him, "I see that your brothers are afflicted by the storminess of this sea. 44Ask them whether they would be taken to the shore and wait there until you fulfill your service where you are being sent and you return again to them."


43Drihten Hælend him to cwæth, "Ic geseo for thon the thas brothor synt geswencede of thisse sæwe hreohnesse. 44Acsa hie hwæther hi woldon to lande astigan and thin thær onbidan oth thæt thu gefylle thine thenunge, to thære thu eart sended; and thu eft hwyrfest to him."

45The holy Andrew said to them, "My children, will you go to the shore and wait there for us?"


45Se haliga Andreas him to cwæth, "Mine bearn, wille ge to lande faran and min thær onbidan?"

46His disciples answered him and they said, "If we leave you, then we will be away from all the good that you have prepared for us. 47But we will stay with you wherever you go."


46His discipuli him andswarodon and hie cwædon, "Gif we gewitath fram the, thonne beo we fram eallum tham godum the thu us gearwodest. 47Ac we beoth mid the swa hwær swa thu færest."

48The Lord Savior said to him, to the holy Andrew, "If you will truly be the disciple of him who is called Christ, speak to your disciples of the miracle that your teacher performed, so that their hearts will be blessed and they will forget this fear of the sea."


48Drihten Hælend him to cwæth, to tham halgan Andrea, "Gif thu sy sothlice his discipul se is cweden Crist, spec to thinum discipulum be tham mægenum the thin læreow dyde, thæt sie gebletsod hiere heorte and hie ofergieton thisse sæwe ege."

49The holy Andrew said to his disciples, "There was a time, when we were with our Lord, that we got on a ship with him. 50He appeared as though he were sleeping to test us and made the sea very rough. 51From the wind the waves were hurled so that they were stirred up over the ship. 52We were very frightened and cried out to him, the Lord Savior Christ, and he arose and commanded the wind to be stilled, and a great tranquility came over the sea.  53They were afraid, all who saw this miracle. 54Now then, my children, do not you be afraid, for our God has not forsaken us."


49Se haliga Andreas cwæth to his discipulum, "Sumre tide, mid thi the we wæron mid urum Drihtne, we astigon mid him on scip. 50He ætywde us swa he slæpende wære to costianne and dyde swithe hreoge tha sæ. 51From tham winde wæs geworden swa thæt tha selfan ytha wæron ahafene ofer thæt scip. 52We us tha swithe andrædon and cigdon to him, Drihtne Hælendum Criste, and he tha aras and bebead tham winde thæt he gestilde, and wæs geworden mycel smyltnes on thære sæ. 53Hie ondredon, ealle tha the his weorc gesawon. 54Nu thonne, mine bearn, ne ondrædath ge eow, for thon the ure God us ne forlæteth."

55When the holy Andrew had spoken this, he set his head on one of his disciples and slept. 56Then the Lord Savior saw that the holy Andrew was asleep. He said to his angels, "Take Andrew and his disciples and set them before the city of Marmadonia, and when you have set them there, return back to me." 57And the angels did as they were told, and he arose to heaven.


55And thus cwethende se halga Andreas, he sette his heafod ofer ænne his discipul and slep. 56Drihten Hælend tha wiste for thon the se halga Andreas tha slep. He cwæth to his englum, "Genimath Andreas and his discipuli and asettath hie beforan Marmadonia ceastre, and mid thi the ge hie thær asetton, hweorfath eft to me." 57And tha englas dydon swa heom beboden wæs, and he astah on heofonas.

58In the morning it happened that the holy Andrew was lying before the city of Marmadonia and his disciples were sleeping there with him. 59He woke them up and said, "Arise, my children, and see God's kindness which has happened now to us. 60We know that our Lord was with us on the ship and we didn't recognize him. 61He humbled himself as a helmsman and he himself appeared as a man to test us."


58Tha se mergen geworden wæs, tha se haliga Andreas licgende wæs beforan Marmadonia ceastre and his discipulos thær slæpende wæron mid him. 59And he hie aweahte and cwæth, "Arisath, mine bearn, and ongitath Godes mildheortnesse sio is nu mid us geworden. 60We witon thæt ura Drihten mid us wæs on tham scipe and we hine ne ongeaton. 61He hine geeadmedde swa steorrethra and he hine æteowde swa man us to costienne."

62The holy Andrew then looked toward heaven and he said, "My Lord Savior Christ, I know that you are never far from your servants. 63And I saw you on the ship and I was speaking to you as to a man. 64Now then, Lord, I ask that you appear to me in this place."


62Se halga Andreas tha locode to heofonum and he cwæth, "Min Drihten Hælend Crist, ic wat thæt thu ne eart feor fram thinum theowum. 63And ic the beheold on tham scype and ic wæs to the sprecende swa to men. 64Nu thonne, Drihten, ic the bidde thæt thu me the onywe on thisse stowe."

65When this was said, the Lord appeared to him in his presence in the form of a fair child and said to him, "Andrew, with your disciples, look."


65Tha this gecweden wæs, tha Drihten him ætywde his onsyne on fægeres cildes hiwe and him to cwæth, "Andreas, geseoh mid thinum discipulum."

66The holy Andrew prayed and said, "Forgive me, my Lord, that I was speaking to you as to a man. 67And I probably have sinned, because I didn't recognize you."


66Se halga Andreas tha hine gebæd and cwæth, "Forgif me, min Drihten, thæt ic to the sprecende wæs swa to men. 67And wen is thæt ic gefirnode, for thon ic the ne ongeat."

68The Lord then said to him, "Andrew, by no means have you sinned, but I did this because you said that you had no power to travel here in three days. 69I appeared so to you because I have the power to do anything and to appear to anyone as I like. 70Now, then, arise, and go into the city to Matthew your brother, and then lead him and all who are with him from the city. 71Lo, I declare to you, Andrew, because of the many torments that they will inflict on you, that they will drag your body throughout the streets of the city until your blood flows over the earth like water. 72They will lead you to death; but they may not, although they may bring to you many sufferings. 73 But nevertheless endure it all, Andrew, and do not follow their unbelief. 74 Remember how many sufferings from the Jews I was subject to, that they hung me and they spat on my face; 75but I endured it all to show you how you should endure. 76Hear me, Andrew, and suffer those torments, because there are many in this city who should believe in my name." 77When he had said this, the Lord Savior Christ, he arose to heaven.


68Drihten him tha to cwæth, "Andreas, nænigwuht thu gefirnodest, ac for thon ic swa dyde, for thon thu swa cwæde thæt thu hit ne meahtes on iii dagum thider gefaran. 69For thon ic the swa æteowde, for thon ic eom mihtig swa eall to donne and anra gehwilcum to æteowenne swa swa me licath. 70Nu thonne aris, and go on tha ceastre to Matheum thinum brether, and læt thonne hine of thære ceastre and ealle tha the mid him syndon. 71Ana ic the gecythe, Andreas, for thon the manega tintrega hie the on bringath, and thinne lichaman geond thisse ceastre lonan hie tostencath swa thæt thin blod flowth ofer eorthan swa wæter. 72To deathe hie the willath gelædan, ac hi ne magon, ac manega earfothnessa hie the magon on gebr ingan. 73Ac thonne hwæthere arefna thu tha ealle, Andreas, and ne do thu æfter heora ungeleafulnesse. 74Gemune hu manega earfothnesse fram Iudeum ic wæs throwiende, tha hie me swungon and hie me spætton on mine onsyne; 75ac eall ic hit aræfnede thæt ic eow ætoewe hwylce gemete ge sculon aræfnan. 76Gehiere me, Andreas, and aræfna thas tintrego, for thon manige synt on thisse ceastre tha sculon geleofan on minne naman." 77Mid thi he this cwæth, Drihten Hælend Crist, he astah on heofonas.

78The holy Andrew then went into the city with his disciples, and they couldn't see any one. 79When they came to the doors of the prison, they met there seven standing guards. 80The holy Andrew then prayed in his heart and quickly they were dead. 81The holy Andrew then went up to the doors of the prison and he made the sign of Christ, and quickly the doors were opened. 82 And he went into the prison with his disciples and he saw the blessed Matthew sitting alone singing.


78Se haliga Andreas tha in eode on tha ceastre mid his discipulum, and nænig man hine ne mihte geseon. 79Mid thi the hie comon to thæs carcernes duru, hie thær gemetton seofon hyrdas standan. 80Se haliga Andreas tha gebæd on his heortan and rathe hio wæron deade. 81Se halga Andreas tha eode to thæs carcernes duru and he worhte Cristes rodetacen, and rathe tha dura wæron ontynede. 82And he in eode on thæt carcern mid his discipulum and he geseah thone eadigan Matheus ænne sitton singende.

83Then the blessed Matthew and the holy Andrew kissed each other. 84The holy Andrew said to him, "How is it, brother! How are you doing here? 85There are now three days left until they will kill you and turn you into food for themselves."


83Se eadiga Matheus tha and se haliga Andreas hie wæron cyssende him betweonon. 84Se halga Andreas him to cwæth, "Hwæt is thæt, brothor! Hu eart thu her gemet? 85Nu thry dagas to hlafe syndon thæt hie the willath acwellan and him to mete gedon."

86The holy Matthew answered him and said, "Brother Andrew, haven't you heard that the Lord said 'for this reason I sent you as a sheep in the middle of wolves'? 87Then it happened, when they put me in this prison, that I asked our Lord to reveal himself, 88and quickly he appeared to me and he said to me, 'Stay here 27 days and after that I will send to you Andrew your brother, and he will lead you and all who are with you out of this prison.' 89As the Lord told me, so I see. 90Brother, what should we do now?"


86The halga Matheus him andswarode and he cwæth, "Brothor Andreas, ac ne gehydest thu Drihten cwethende for thon the 'ic eow sende swa swa sceap on middum wulfum'? 87Thanon wæs geworden, mid thy the hie me sendon on this carcern, ic bæd urne Drihten thæt he hine æteowde, 88and hrathe he me hine æteowde and he me to cwæth, 'Onbid her xxvii daga and æfter thon ic sende to the Andreas thinne brothor, and he the ut alæt of thissum carcerne and ealle tha mid the syndon.' 89 Swa me Drihten to cwæth, ic gesie. 90Brothor, hwæt sculon we nu don?"

91The holy Andrew and the holy Matthew prayed to the Lord. 92And after that prayer the holy Andrew set his hand over the eyes of the men who were in the place, and they received sight. 93And again he set his hand over their hearts, and their consciousness returned again to them. 94The holy Andrew said to them, "Go into the lower part of this city and you will find there a great fig tree. 95Sit under it and eat of the fruit until I come to you."


91Se halga Andreas tha and se halga Matheus gebædon to Drihtne. 92And æfter thon gebede se haliga Andreas sette his hand ofer thara wera eagan tha thær on lande wæron, and gesihthe hie onfengon. 93And eft he sette his hand ofer hiora heortan, and heora andgiet him eft to hwirfde. 94Se haliga Andreas him to cwæth, "Gangath on thas nitheran dælas thisse ceastre and ge thær gemetath mycel fictreow. 95Sittath under him and etath of his wæstmum oth Thæt ic eow to cyme."

96They said to the holy Andrew, "Come now with us, because you are our master, lest by chance they will again seize us and bring on us the worst tortures."


96Hie cwædon to tham halgan Andrea, "Cum nu mid us, for thon the thu eart ure wealdend, thy læs wen is thæt hi us eft genimon and on tha wyrstan tintregu hie us on gebringan."

97The holy Andrew said to them, "Go there, because no way will you be hurt or harmed." 98And quickly they all went, as the holy Andrew had told them. 99And there were in the prison 2,048 men and 49 women, who the holy Andrew then sent out. 100And he sent the blessed Matthew out the eastern gate with his disciples. 101And the holy Andrew called for a cloud, and the cloud took up Matthew and this disciples of Andrew and set them on a hill where the blessed Peter the apostle was, and he stayed there with them.


97Se haliga Andreas him to cwæth, "Farath thider, for thon the eow nænig wiht ne derath ne ne swenceth." 98And hrathe hie tha ealle ferdon, swa him se halga Andreas bebead. 99And thær wæron on thæm carcerne twa hund and eahta and feowertig wera and nigon and feowertig wifa, tha se haliga Andreas thanon onsende. 100And thone eadigan Matheum he gedyde gangan to tham eastdæle mid his discipulum. 101And se haliga Andreas [. . .] and asetton on tha dune thær se eadiga Petrus se apostol wæs, and he thær wunode mid him.

102The holy Andrew then went out of the prison and he began to go out through the middle of the city. 103And he came to a certain place and he saw there a standing pillar, and on top of the pillar the likeness of an eagle. 104And he sat next to the pillar to await whatever should befall him.


102Se haliga Andreas tha ut eode of thæm carcerne and he ongan gangan ut thurh midde tha ceastre. 103And he com to sumre stowe and he thær geseah swer standan, and ofer thone swer ærne onlicnesse. 104And he gesæt be tham swere anbidende hwæt him gelimpan scolde.

105Then unrighteous men came so that they could lead the men out and make them into food, and they found the doors of the prison open and the seven guards lying dead. 106When they saw this, they returned again to their aldermen and they said, "We found the prison open, and going in we met no one there."


105Tha unrihte men tha eodan thæt hie tha men ut gelædan woldon and him to mete gedon, and hie gemetton thæs carcernes duru opene and tha seofon hyrdas deade licgan. 106Mid thy the hie thæt gesawon, hie eft hwirfdon to hiora ealdormannum and hie cwædon, "Thin carcern open we gemetton, and in gangende nænige we thær gemetton."

107When the sacred aldermen heard this, they said to themselves, "How can this be? 108Probably some kind of monster went to the prison and killed the guards and immediately freed those who were imprisoned."


107Mid thi the hie gehyrdon thara sacerda ealdormen and hie cwædon him betweonon, "Hwæt wile this wesan? 108Wen is thæt hwilc wundor in eode on thæt carcern and tha hydras acwælde and somnunga alysde tha the thær betynede wæron."

109After this the devil appeared to them in the likeness of a young man and said to them, "Hear me, and look for a certain foreign man here whose name is Andrew and kill him. 110He is the one who has led out the bound ones from the prison and he is now in this city. 111Go after him now; hasten, my children, and kill him."


109Æfter thiossum him æteowde deofol on cnihtes onlicnysse and him to cwæth, "Gehyrath me, and secath her sumne æltheodigne man thæs nama is Andreas and acwellath hine. _110He thæt is se tha gebundenan of thissum carcerne ut alædde and he is nu on thisse ceastre. 111Ge hine nu witon, efstath, mine bearn, and acwellath hine."

112The holy Andrew then said to the devil, "Lo, you hardest goad to everyone's unrighteousness, you who always fight with the sin of man, my Lord Savior Christ once cast you into hell."


112Se haliga Andreas tha tha cwæth to tham deofle, "Ana thu heardeste stræl to æghwilcre unrihtnesse, thu the simle fihtest with manna cyn, min Drihten Hælende Crist the gehnæde in helle."

113The devil, when he heard this, said to him, "I hear your voice, but I don't know where you are."


113Thæt deofol tha he this gehyrde, he him to cwæth, "Thine stefne ic gehiere, ac ic ne wat hwær thu eart."

114The holy Andrew said to him, "Because you are blind, you don't see any of the holy ones of God."


114Se haliga Andreas him to cwæth, "For thon the thu eart blind, thu ne gesihst ænigne of Godes tham halgum."

115The devil then said to the people, "Look around you and find him, because he who is speaking with me is the one."


115Thæt deofol tha cwæth to tham folce, "Behealdath eow and geseoth hine, for thon the he thæt is se the with me spræc."

116The people then hurried and they closed the gates of their city and they searched for the holy Andrew so they might seize him. 117The Lord Savior then revealed himself to the holy Andrew and said to him, "Andrew, arise and appear to them, so that they will recognize my power as it is."


116Tha burhleode tha urnon and hi betyndon thære ceastre gatu and hie sohton thæne halgan Andreas thæt hie hine genamon. 117Drihten Hælend hine tha æteowde tham haligan Andrea and him to cwæth, "Andreas aris and gecyth him, thæt hie ongieton min mægen on the wesan."

118The holy Andrew then arose in the people's sight and he said, "I am the Andrew whom you are seeking."


118Se haliga Andreas tha aras on thæs folces gesihthe and he cwæth, "Ic eom se Andreas the ge secath."

119The people then rushed and they seized him and said, "Because you did this to us, we will pay it back to you." 120And they thought how they might kill him.


119Thæt folc tha arn and hi hine genamon and cwædon, "For thon thu us thus dydest, we hit the forgyldath." 120And hie thohton hu hie hine acwellan meahton.

121Then the devil stepped in and said to the people, "If you like, let us tie a rope on his neck and drag him through the streets of the city, and do this until he dies. 122And when he is dead, we will divide his body among our citizens."


121Tha wæs se deofol in gangende and cwæth to tham folce, "Gif eow swa licige, uton sendon rap on his swyran and hine teon thurh thisse ceastre lanan, and this uton we don oth thæt he swelte. 122And mid thi the he dead sie, uton we dælan his lichaman urum burhleodum."

123And then all the people who heard this liked it, and quickly they tied a rope on his neck and they dragged him around the streets of their city. 124 When the holy Andrew was dragged, his body was mingled with the earth while his blood flowed over the earth like water.


123And tha eall thæt folc thæt gehierde, hit him licode, and hrathe hie sendon rap on his sweoran and hie hine tugon geond thære ceastre lanan. 124Mid thi the se eadiga Andreas wæs togen, his lichama wæs gemengeth mid thære eorthan swa thæt blod fleow ofer eorthan swa wæter.

125After this was done, they sent him to the prison and they bound his hands behind him and they left him, and all his body was broken.


125Tha æfen geworden wæs, hi hine sendon on thæt carcern and hie gebunden his handa behindan and hie hine forleton, and eall his lichama gelysed.

126Also the next day they did the same. 127The holy Andrew then wept and he said, "My Lord Savior Christ, come and see what they are doing to me, your servant, and all that I endure for the command that you gave to me. 128And you said, 'And do not follow their unbelief.' 129Behold, Lord, and see what they are doing to me."


126Swilce othre dæga thæt ilce hie dydon. 127Se haliga Andreas tha weop and he cwæth, "Min Drihten Hælend Crist, cum and geseoh thæt hie me doth, thinum theowe, and eall ic hit aræfnie for thinum gebode the thu me sealdest. 128And thu cwæde, 'Ne do æfter hiora ungeleafulnesse.' 129Beheald, Drihten, and geseoh hu hie me doth."

130When he had said this, the devil said to the people, "Hit him on his mouth, so that he will not thus speak."


130Mid thi he thus cwæth, thæt deofol cwæth to tham folce, "Swingath hine on his muth, thæt he thus ne sprece."

131Then it happened that they put him back in the prison. 132The devil then took with him another seven devils, whom the holy Andrew put to flight. 133 And going into the prison they stood in sight of the holy Andrew and they mocked him with great scorn and they said, "How do you find it here? 134Who will free you now from our control? 135Where is your boasting and your hope?"


131Tha geworden wæs thæt hie hine eft betyndon on tham carcerne. 132Thæt deofol tha genam mid him othre seofon deoflo, tha the haliga Andreas thanon afliemde. 133 And in gangende on thæt carcern hie gestodon on gesihthe thæs eadigan Andreas and hine bismriende mid myclere bismre and hie cwædon, "Hwæt is thæt thu her gemetest? 134Hwilc gefreolseth the nu of urum gewealde? 135Hwær is thin gilp and thin hiht?"

136The devil then said to the other devils, "My children, kill him, because he has insulted us and our work."


136Thæt deofol tha cwæth to tham othrum deoflum, "Mine bearn, acwellath hine, for thon he us gescende and ure weorc."

137The devils then rushed over to the holy Andrew, and they saw Christ's cross on his countenance. 138They did not dare to approach him but they quickly flew away. 139The devil said to them, "My children, why aren't you killing him?"


137Tha deofla tha blæstan hie ofer thone halgan Andreas, and hie gesawon Cristes rodetacen on his onsiene. 138Hi ne dorston hine genealæcan ac hrathe hie onweg flugon. 139Thæt deofol him to cwæth, "Mine bearn, for hwon ne acwealdon ge hine?"

140They answered him and they said, "We couldn't because we saw Christ's cross on his countenance and we were afraid. 141We recognized him, because before he got into this trouble he was our master. 142If you can, you kill him. 143We will not obey you in this, since it is likely that God will deliver him and send us into worse torments."


140Hie him andswarodon and hie cwædon, "We ne mihton, for thon the Cristes rodetanc on his onsiene we gesawon and we us ondrædon. 141We witon hine, for thon the ær he on thæs earfothnesse com he ure wæs wealdend. 142Gif thu mæge, acwel hine. 143We the on thissum ne hersumiath, thy læs wen sie thæt hine God gefreolsige and us sende on wyrsan tintrego."

144The holy Andrew said to them, "Although you kill me, I do not do your bidding, but I do the bidding of my Lord Savior Christ." 145And they heard this and flew away.


144Se haliga Andreas him to cwæth, "Theah the ge me acwellan, ne do ic eowerne willan, ac ic do willan mines Drihtnes Hælendes Cristes." 145And thus hi geherdon and onweg flugon.

146When the morning came, again they tortured the holy Andrew. 147And he sighed with great misery to the Lord and said, "My Lord Savior Christ, I have had enough of this torment, for I am tired. 148My Lord Savior Christ, you hung on the cross for three hours, and you said, 'Father, why have you forsaken me?' 149Now for three days I have been dragged through the streets of the city. 150You know, Lord, of the frailty of mankind. 151Promise to receive my spirit. 152Where is your word, Lord, with which you strengthened us, and you said, 'If you listen to me and you always follow me, not a lock of your hair will be destroyed.' 153Behold, Lord, and see, because my body and the hair of my head is mingled with the earth. 154Lo, for three days I have been subjected to the worst torment, and you have not appeared to me.  155My Lord Savior Christ, strengthen my heart!"


146On mergen tha geworden wæs, eft hie tugon thone halgan Andreas. 147And he cigde mid mycle wope to Drihtne and cwæth, "Min Drihten Hælende Crist, me genihtsumiath thas tintrega, for thon ic eom geteorod. 148Min Drihten Hælende Crist, ane tid on rode thu throwodest, and thu cwæde, 'Fæder, for hwon forlete thu me?' 149Nu iii dagas syndon syththan ic wæs getogen thurh thisse ceastre lanum. 150Thu wast, Drihten, tha menniscan tyddernysse. 151Hat onfon minne gast. 152Hwær syndon thine word, Drihten, on tham thu us gestrangodest and thu cwæde, "Gif ge me gehyrath and ge me beoth fylgende, ne an locc of eowrum heafde forwyrth.' 153Beheald, Drihten, and geseoh, for thi min lichama and loccas mines heafdes mid thisse eorthan synd gemengde. 154Ane, iii dagas syndon syththan ic wæs getogen to thæm wyrstan tintregum, and thu me ne æteowdest. 155 Min Drihten Hælend Crist, gestranga mine heortan!"

156When the holy Andrew had prayed this, the Lord's voice began to speak in Hebrew, "My Andrew, heaven and earth may pass away but my word will never pass away. 157Look at yourself and see what has happened to your body and the locks of your head."


156Thus gebiddende tham halgan Andrea, Drihtenes stefn wæs geworden on Ebreisc cwæthende, "Min Andreas, heofon and eorthe mæg gewitan, min word næfre ne gewitath. 157Beheald æfter the and geseoh thinne lichaman and loccas thines heafdes, hwæt hie syndon gewordene."

158When the holy Andrew looked, he saw a fruit tree bearing blossoms and he said, "Now I know, Lord, that you have not forsaken me."


158Se haliga Andreas tha lociende, he geseah geblowen treow wæstm berende and he cwæth, "Nu ic wat, Drihten, for thon thæt thu ne forlete me."

159In the evening it happened when they shut him up in the prison that they said to themselves, "This night he will die."


159On æfenne tha geworden, hie hine betyndon on tham carcerne and hio cwædon him betwynum for thon the "thisse nihte he swelt."

160The Lord Savior Christ appeared to him in the prison, and he stretched out his hand and touched Andrew, and he said, "Andrew, arise."


160Him æteowde Drihten Hælend Crist on thæm carcerne, and he athenede his hand and genam, and he cwæth, "Andreas, aris."

161When he heard this, quickly he arose healed, and he prayed and he said, "I do thank you, Lord Savior Christ." 162The holy Andrew then looked, and saw in the middle of the prison a standing pillar, and on top of the pillar a likeness of stone. 163And he stretched out his hand and said to it, "Be in dread of the Lord and his cross; before them heaven and earth are afraid. 164 Now then, likeness, do what I order in the name of the Lord Savior Christ.  165Send so much water through your mouth that all those who are in this city will be destroyed."


161Mid thi the he thæt gehyrde, hrathe he tha aras gesund and he hine gebæd and he cwæth, "Thancas ic the do, min Drihten Hælend Crist." 162Se haliga Andreas tha lociende, he geseah on middum thæm carcerne swer standan, and ofer thone swer stænenne anlicnesse. 163And he athenede his handa and hiera to cwæth, "Ondræd the Drihten and his rodetanc; beforan thæm forhtigath heofon and eorthe. 164Nu thonne, anlicnes, do thæt ic bidde on naman mines Drihtnes Hælendes Cristes.  165Sænd mycel wæter thurh thinne muth swa thæt sien gewemmede ealle tha on thisse ceastre syndon."

166When he said this, the holy Andrew, quickly the likeness of stone sent so much water like brine through his mouth that it drowned men's bodies.


166Mid thi he thus cwæth, se eadiga Andreas, hrathe sio stænene onlicnes sendde mycel wæter thurh hiora muth swa sealt, and hit æt manna lichaman.

167And it killed their children and their animals, and they all wanted to escape from the city. 168The holy Andrew then said, "My Lord Savior Christ, do not forsake me, but send me your angel from heaven on a cloud of fire that will surround all this city so that no one may escape because of the fire."  169And this said, a cloud of fire descended from heaven and it surrounded all the city. 170When the blessed Andrew perceived this, he blessed the Lord.


167And hit acwealde heora bearn and hyra nytenu, and hie ealle woldon fleon of thære ceastre. 168Se haliga Andreas tha cwæth, "Min Drihten Hælend Crist, ne forlæt me, ac send me thinne engel of heofonum on fyrenum wolcne, thæt tha embgange ealle thas ceastre thæt ne magen genesan for thæm fyre." 169And thus cwethende, fyren wolc astah of heofonum and hit ymbsealde ealle tha ceastre.  170Mid thy thæt ongeat se eadiga Andreas, he bletsode Drihten.

171The water rose up to men's necks and it swiftly drowned their bodies, 172 and they all cried out and said, "Woe is us, because all this came about for this foreigner whom we have tied up in the prison. What shall we do?"


171Thæt wæter weox oth mannes swuran and swithe hit æt hyra lichaman, 172and hie ealle cigdon and cwædon, "Wa us, for thon the thas ealle up coman for thissum æltheodigum the we on thissum carcerne betyned hæbbath. Hwæt beo we donde?"

173Some of them said, "If it seems this way to you, let us go to the prison and let him out, lest we miserably perish. 174And let us all cry out and say because we believe in the Lord of this foreign man that he drive away this misery from us."


173Sume hie cwædon, "Gif eow swalice thuhte, utan gangan on thissum carcerne and hine ut forlæten, thy læs wen sie thæt we yfele forweorthon. 174And uton we ealle cigean and cwethan for thon the we geleofath on Drihten thyses æltheodigan mannes thonne afyrseth he thas earfothnesse fram us."

175When the blessed Andrew saw that they were converted to the Lord, he said to the likeness of stone, "Stop now by the power of the Lord, and send no more water from your mouth." 176And this said, the water stopped, and no more of it came from the mouth.


175Mid thi se eadiga Andreas ongeat thæt hie to Drihtene wæron gehwyrfede, he cwæth to thære stænenan anlicnesse, "Ara nu thurh mægen ures Drihtenes, and ma wæter of thinum muthe thu ne send." 176And tha gecweden, thæt wæter oflan, and ma of heora muthe hit ne eode.

177The holy Andrew then went out from the prison, and the water itself receded obediently before his feet. 178And those who were left, they came to the doors of the prison and they said, "Have mercy on us, God, and do not do to us as we did to this foreigner."


177Se haliga Andreas tha ut eode of tham carcerne, and thæt selfe wæter thegnunge gearwode beforan his fotum. 178And tha thær to hlafe wæron, hie comon to thæs carcernes duru and hie cwædon, "Gemiltsa us, God, and ne do us swa swa we dydon on thisne æltheodigan."

179The holy Andrew then prayed in the people's sight, and the earth opened itself up and it swallowed the water around the men. 180The men who saw this were very afraid of him and they said, "Woe is us, because this death is from God. 181And he will kill us for the suffering that we inflicted on this man.  182Truly he is sent from God, and he is God's servant."


179Se haliga Andreas tha gebæd on thæs folces gesihthe, and seo eorthe hie ontynde and hio forswealh thæt wæter mid tham mannum. 180Tha weras tha thæt gesawon hie him swithe ondrædon and hie cwædon, "Wa us, for thon the thes death fram Gode is. 181And he us wile acwellan for thissum earfothnessum the we thissum mannan dydon. 182Sothlice fram Gode he is send, and he is Godes theowa."

183The holy Andrew said to them, "My children, do not be afraid, because those who are still in this water will live again. 184But this has happened so that you will believe in my Lord Savior Christ."


183Se halga Andreas him to cwæth, "Mine bearn, ne ondrædath ge eow, for thon the thas the on this wætere syndon, eft he libbath. 184Ac this is for thon thus geworden, thæt ge geleofon on minum Drihtne Hælendum Criste."

185The holy Andrew then asked the Lord and said, "My Lord Savior Christ, send here your Holy Ghost to awaken all who are in this water, that they may believe in your name." 186The Lord then ordered all who were in the water to arise.


185Se haliga Andreas tha gebæd to Drihtne and cwæth, "Min Drihten Hælende Crist, send thinne thone Halgan Gast thæt awecce ealle tha the on thisse wætere syndon, thæt hie geliefon on thinne naman." 186Drihten tha het ealle arisan the on tham wætere wæron.

187And after this, the holy Andrew ordered a church to be built in the place where the pillar stood, and he gave to them the commandments of the Lord Savior Christ. 188"And love him because his power is great." 189And he named one of the aldermen as bishop, and he baptized them and said, "Now I am ready to go to my disciples."


187And æfter thissum se haliga Andreas het cyrican getimbrian on thære stowe thær se swer stod, and he him sealde bebodu Drihtnes Hælendes Cristes. 188"And lufiath hine for thon mycel is his mægen." 189And ænne of heora aldormannum to bisceope he him gesette, and he hi gefullode and cwæth, "Nu thonne ic eom gearo thæt ic gange to minum discipulum."

190They all asked him and they said, "Stay with us yet a little while, so you are able to confirm us, because we are newly made to this belief."


190Hie ealle hine bædon and hie cwædon, "Medmycel fæc nu gyt wuna mid us, thæt thu us gedefran gedo, for thon the we niwe syndon to thissum geleafan gedon."

191The holy Andrew would not listen to them, but he said good-bye to them and left them. 192A great multitude of the people followed him, weeping and lamenting. 193And they cast ashes over their heads.


191Se halga Andreas hie tha nolde gehieran, ac he hie grette and hie swa forlet. 192Him fylgede mycel manigo thæs folces wepende and hrymende. 193And tha ascan leoht ofer hieora heafod.

194When the holy Andrew was leaving, the Lord Savior Christ appeared to him on the way in the image of a fair child and said to him, "Andrew, why are you going like this without the fruit of your struggle? 195And you are forsaking those who called you, and you are not pitying their children, who were following you and weeping, so that their cry and misery arose to me in heaven. 196Now then return again to the city and stay there seven days, until you strengthen their minds in my belief. 197Go then to the city with your disciples, and believe in my belief." 198When he had said this, the Lord Savior Christ, he arose to heaven.


194Mid thi se halga Andreas thanon wæs farende, him ætiwde Drihten Hælende Crist on tham wege on ansine fægeres cildes and him to cwæth, "Andreas, for hwan gæst thu swa, buton wæstme thines gewinnes? 195And thu forlete tha the the bædon and thu nære miltsiend ofer heora cild, tha the wæron fyliende and wepende, thara cirm and wop to me astah on heofonas. 196Nu thonne hwyrfe eft on tha ceastre and beo thær seofon dagas, oth thæt thu gestrangie hera mod on minne geleafan. 197Gang thonne to thære ceastre mid thinum discipulum, and ge on minne geleafan geleofon." 198Mid thi he this cwæth, Drihten Hælende Crist, he astah on heofonas.

199The blessed Andrew returned again to the city of Marmadonia and he said, "I bless you, my Lord Savior Christ, you who converts all souls, because you didn't let me go from this city in my anger."


199Se eadiga Andreas tha wæs eft hwyrfende on Marmadonia ceastre and he cwæth, "Ic the bletsige, min Drihten Hælend Crist, thu the gehwyrfest ealle saula, for thon thu me ne forlete ut gangan mid minre hatheortan of thisse ceastre."

200They rejoiced with great joy. 201And he stayed there with them for seven days, teaching and strengthening their hearts in the belief of our Lord Savior Christ. 202When seven days had passed, as the Lord commanded, he left the city of Marmadonia, and hastened to his disciples. 203And all the people escorted him with joy and they said, "One is the Lord God, the Savior Christ, and the Holy Ghost; to them is glory and power in the Holy Trinity through the wide world truly without end." Amen.


200Hio wæron gefeonde mycle gefean. 201And he thær wunode mid him seofon dagas, lærende and strangende hira heortan on geleafan ures Drihtnes Hælendes Cristes. 202Mid thi the tha wæron gefyllede seofon dagas, swa swa him Drihten bebead, he ferde of Marmadonia ceastre, efstende to his discipulum. 203And eall thæt folc hine lædde mid gefean and hie cwædon, "An is Drihten God, se is Hælende Crist and se Halga Gast, tham is wuldor and geweald on thære Halgan Thrynnysse thurh ealra worulda woruld sothlice a butan ende." Amen.

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