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Submission Guidelines

Literature, like all art, is created by and for people, and MF encourages a humanistic orientation that explores the individual and cultural expressions contained within text. Medieval Forum supports the premise that theory serves to illuminate text, and that the literature, or primary object of study from other disciplines, is to be honored rather than theory for its own sake. In order to foster a climate of communication, a format of highly specialized vocabulary that limits accessibility to a varied readership is discouraged.

Selections are made on the basis of originality of thought, clarity of writing, and familiarity with and contribution to the scholarly dialog. Please do not submit works that have been previously published, or that are currently under review, by another journal.

Submissions are accepted and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Please note that Medieval Forum is not a peer-reviewed journal; however, MF articles are indexed in the MLA International Bibliography. Articles should be no more than 15,000 words, and should conform to the current MLA Style Manual. Endnotes should be kept to a minimum. Foreign language should be translated, following the original language excerpt. Special characters like "thorns" and "eths" should be normalized. Although subheadings are not required, they are considered helpful in longer articles. Submissions should be written in a Microsoft Word document, 12 pt. Times, with no special characters other than italics for names of publications, and for foreign words not in common English use, except in foreign language quotations. Images to accompany text should be easily and clearly reproducible, in JPG format, and accompanied by reprint permission from the source.

Submissions should be accompanied by an abstract not to exceed 100 words, the contributor's name (without titles, degrees or affiliations) and contact information, and sent electronically to the editors at medieval@sfsu.edu. Authors retain the copyright to their works.

Feel free to contact the editors with any questions you may have.