JDP - Joint Doctoral Program in Leadership for Educational Equity CSU UC


UCB Graduate Division

Who we are: We are the offices that oversee your progress from the time you are admitted until you complete your program. Although your department will be your primary resource, Graduate Division staff can also guide you through the various steps required for your degree. We're here to help you not only complete your degree but to do so successfully.

How to find us: Our offices are located on the third floor of Sproul Hall. We're open from 9 a.m. to noon and from 1 to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you would like to drop off forms and correspondence before or after hours, you may leave them in Box 2, located in the basement of Sproul Hall near the Bancroft Way entrance. Graduate Division collects materials that are placed in the box, Monday through Friday after noon.



Tele-BEARS on the Web (TBW) is the Internet version of the Tele-BEARS enrollment system at UC Berkeley. TBW provides you with all the functionality of the telephone version of Tele-BEARS in a more streamlined and easy-to-use interface. And, provided you are using a secure browser, TBW is encrypted for your security. Since TBW is an adjunct to the phone version of Tele-BEARS, you can always call Tele-BEARS on the phone at 510-642-3400 to enroll in classes if you are unable to use TBW.

Updated: 8/26/05