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Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence – 2016 Events

Join us for 78 Days (Jan. 30-April 22) of Practice - Applying Principles of Love & Wisdom to Daily Life

Mission: To articulate and practice the principles, values and skills underlying Nonviolent Living - in three areas: Self: personal growth/development (Personal Self), Others: intelligent relationship (Social Self) and World: aligning culture with nature (Eco-Cultural / Global Self) -- fostering collective awakening and a world that works for the common good. -- HH Learning Center, SF State, Jan 2016

The revolutionary spirit is worldwide, if the anger… at the injustice of things is to be channeled into a revolution of love and creativity, we (can) shape a new world. -- Dr. ML King

MONDAYS, 5-7pm, HSS 306 (unless noted):

Feb. 15: How Nonviolent Activism Changes The World
With Kenn Burrows

Feb. 22: Sound Alchemy-Facilitating Energy Awareness & Self Healing
With Claire Hedin

Feb 29: Introduction to Nonviolent Communication
With Renee Soule, PhD who teaches NV Communication in San Quentin prison and with other communities: http://baynvc.org/

March 7: You Are Not What You Think: The Egoless Path to Self-Esteem & Generous Love
With Author and Psychologist David Richo, PhD: http://www.amazon.com/David-­‐Richo/e/B000APU8IO/ref

March 14: Beyond Power Hierarchies—An Integral Approach to Authentic Change
With Bence Ganti, psychologist, co-director of Integral European Conference:  http://integraleuropeanconference.com/

March 17-20: Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference: Re-­‐Visioning Human Potential, Education & Healthcare
Hosted by HH Studies http://www.societyforhumanisticpsychologyconference.com/

March 21: Spring Recess (No Meeting)

March 28: Healthcare in All the Wrong Places
With physician, author and activist, Patch Adams, MD

April 4: Turning Fear into Power-One Woman's Journey as Citizen Diplomat and Civilian Peace-Maker
With author and activist, Linda Sator: http://lindasartor.info/

April 11: Closing Celebration: Exploring Integral Education, Activism & the Global Future Join us!

April 18: SF State Faculty Strike (No Meeting)

WEDNESDAYS, 3-4pm, TH 432 (unless noted):

Feb 24: Beyond the Mask-Guiding Today's Youth
With Ashanti Branch: http://www.everforwardclub.org/team

March 9: Trustworthy News & Information
With Mickey Huff, Dir. Project Censored: http://www.projectcensored.org/

March 16: WHO Integrative Healthcare Studies
With Isabelle Wachsmuth MSc., MPH, Project Manager, Emerging Issues, World Health Organization:  http://www.hifa2015.org/about/administration/

March 30: Wall's Street's Think Tank-The Council on Foreign Relations & The Empire of Neoliberal Politics
With Author Laurence Shoup, PhD: http://laurenceshoup.com/

April 6: i-Mind: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming, & Social Media Are Changing Our Brains, Our Behavior, & the Evolution of Our Species
With Author Mari Swingle, PhD: http://www.drmariswingle.com/

April 27: Premature Principles and Urban Design
With David Cody and Kevin Bayuk, co­founders: Urban Permaculture Institute of San Francisco: www.UPISF.com

Sponsors & Information: The Holistic Health Learning Center (HHLC), HSS 329 – part of The Institute for Holistic Health Studies, Dept. of Health Education. For further details about the Season for Nonviolence, including a compilation of Daily Practices, see: www.sfsu.edu/~holistic/seasonofnonviolence.html


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