Holistic Health Learning Center

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Holistic Health

Learning Center

Integrating Self, Culture & Nature

Future of Health Care Conference

Hosted by the Holistic Health Network; Kenn Burrows, advisor and conference founder. Conference held biennially (every-other year) since 2004 - with conference themes and dates as follows:

2004: The Future of Medicine - Integrating Conventional & Alternative Health Care
2006: Reinventing Medicine & Integrating Health Care Alternatives
2008: Integrating Social Intelligence Into Health Care & Daily Life
2010: Eat Well – Be Well - A Holistic Approach to Nutrition & Health
2012: Technology, Health & Society
2014: The Role of Art in Health and Creative Change
2016: Re-Visioning Human Potential, Education & Healthcare

Conference Mission:

  • To explore a comprehensive vision of health care at the interface of biotechnical medicine, natural health care, and environmental and social health (factors).
  • To educate health care professionals and the public about the efficacy and availability of health care alternatives.
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