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DB-Link Logo DeafBlind Link: The national information clearinghouse on children who are deaf-blind. Text and graphics versions available.
NTAC Logo National Technical Assistance Consortium: An organization for children and young adults who are deafblind. Several resources in text version only.
Helen Keller Logo The Helen Keller National Center: An organization for deaf-blind youth and adults. Their mission is to enable each person who is deaf-blind to live and work in his or her community of choice. logo Minnesota's online resource about combined vision and hearing loss.
OCDBE Logo The Ohio state technical assistance project.
AFB Logo American Foundation for the Blind: An organization aimed at assisting the blind in the United States.
Canadian Logo Canadian National Institute for the Blind: The CNIB is a national voluntary agence providing services to individuals across Canada to whom loss of vision is a central problem in personal and social adjustment.
Sense Logo Sense: The world's largest organization working and campaigning for deafblind people, their families, and professionals who work with them.
Education Department Logo California Department of Education: The State's Department of Education main web page.

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