Academic Departments (Advising for Majors and Minors)

Major and minor advising is offered by faculty members in each department. It is the student's responsibility to seek out a faculty member to serve as an adviser. Some departments assign advisers; others provide lists of advisers. Contact the department for referral to an adviser.

Advising Center

The Advising Center is staffed by professional and peer advisers committed to providing guidance and information to help undergraduate students have a successful college experience. Information regarding advising programs is available on the university web site ( Along with general academic advising information, the Advising Center has the following programs:

Undeclared Majors. Academic advisers in the Advising Center help students make informed and satisfying decisions about academic goals that are best suited to their interests and needs. Workshops, resource materials, and appointments are available.

New Student Programs. Orientation is required for all incoming first-time freshmen and is highly recommended for transfer students. Orientations are scheduled during the summer and winter prior to each semester. Academic Advising Days are scheduled each December and May to give incoming and prospective students an opportunity to learn about the university and to talk to faculty advisers. Information materials regarding Orientation and Advising Day are sent to all applicants.

On-going Advising Center Workshops. The Advising Center offers the following workshops:

Reentry and Readmit Students. The Reentry Admissions Program is an alternative admission program available to students who meet certain criteria and who are not otherwise admissible to the university as undergraduates. Students who attended SFSU in the past (readmit students) may make an appointment in the Advising Center to discuss the possibility of readmission.

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