The Testing Center serves the university by coordinating and administering educationally required testing programs to include scoring, recording, and reporting results of tests required of students for admission (undergraduate and graduate); diagnostic and course placement purposes; credit, certification, and graduation requirements.

The center provides information about all types of tests and supplies registration materials for many educationally required examinations.

The center administers tests to students referred by academic and career counselors. The results are used to assist them in determining educational and career goals.

The center provides support to faculty by offering computer scoring and statistical analysis of classroom tests, processing of faculty evaluations, and consultation in test design and measurement. The center staff aids in conducting evaluation studies pertaining to instruction and related test programs.

The Testing Center can be reached at (415) 338-2271 or via e-mail: testing@sfsu.edu. For test information, go to www.sfsu.edu/~testing.