Satisfactory Scholarship: An undergraduate student working for a baccalaureate degree is expected to maintain a grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better in all work at San Francisco State University. To be eligible for a baccalaureate degree, a student must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 (C) in: (1) all courses taken at San Francisco State University, (2) all courses taken at the college or university level, and (3) all courses in their major.


Each semester the university recognizes undergraduate students who have attained high scholastic achievement. The following criteria are used:


Honors are granted with the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Vocational Education. The following conditions must be met by all students who entered the university beginning Fall 1996 to be considered for honors:

3.50-3.69 cum laude
3.70-3.84 magna cum laude
3.85-4.00 summa cum laude

A preliminary honors list is compiled based on all work completed excluding the last semester. Those meeting honors requirements on this basis are designated on the commencement program as "candidates for honors." The final honors list is compiled at the time of final clearance for graduation and is based on all course work completed.


Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest honor society in the United States, maintains a chapter at San Francisco State University. Known as Omicron of California, the chapter grants membership, by invitation only, to students in their senior year. Requirements for membership as established by the Phi Beta Kappa Society in Washington, D.C. and by the campus chapter are:

An interested student who meets these minimum qualifications should contact his/her adviser for possible nomination for membership in the society.

The selection process starts at the beginning of the fall semester of each year. Transcripts are reviewed and a final vote on all candidates is made by the entire Chapter no later than spring. Once this vote is taken, it is impossible to elect any more new members until the following spring. New members who accept the invitation to membership are initiated at a formal ceremony. Persons graduated at the end of fall semester may be considered for election during the spring semester immediately following graduation. Persons graduated earlier than one semester preceding the spring election process will generally not be considered for membership.


Satisfactory Scholarship: Graduate students are expected to develop their full potential as scholars and to maintain a grade point average (GPA) and continuity of effort that indicates high scholastic ability and achievement. All courses completed by a student after award of the baccalaureate degree count in the overall graduate grade point average and are used in determining a student's academic standing.


This award is conferred on a few master's and doctoral students who have a distinguished record of academic performance and service in the major field on this campus which sets them apart in some special way from the norm. Selection for the award is based on the criteria determined by the faculty in the respective graduate program areas. Scholarship, service to the department, community activities, research, and publications are examples of student accomplishment which may be taken into consideration. Criteria utilized vary from discipline to discipline consistent with standards of excellence. The selection of the awardees for the year is made each spring. Recipients are recognized at the Graduate Recognition Ceremony in May and are issued an award certificate.

Any questions regarding this award program should be directed to the Graduate Division.