College of Business

College Administrative Offices Office Telephone
Interim Dean of the College Jerry Platt BUS 321 338-2670
Interim Associate Dean Alan Jung BUS 321 338-1277
Director of Graduate Studies Arthur J. Kuhn BUS 325 338-1279
Student Services Center Alice del Pinal BUS 137 405-3531
College Directory
Department Chair/Director Office Telephone
Accounting Jiunn Huang SCI 300 338-1754
Finance Yea-Mow Chen BUS 314 338-7010
Hospitality Management Janet Sim BUS 314 338-6087
Information Systems and Business Analysis Jamie Eng BUS 310 338-2138
International Business Yim Yu Wong SCI 300 338-1107
Management Edward Ericson BUS 352 338-2201
Marketing Ron Beall BUS 352 338-2201
Center/Institute Coordinator Office Telephone
Center for Global Competitiveness Richard Jenner SCI 364 338-2042
Center for Post-communist Business/Economics Studies George Lee BUS 203F 338-1038
Ohrenschall Center for Entrepreneurship Richard McCline SCI 360 338-7886
U.S.-China Business Institute Yea-Mow Chen SCI 350 338-2106
U.S.-Japan Institute Mitsuko Duerr SCI 351 338-2448
U.S.-European Business Institute Allen Appell SCI 370 338-2743
U.S.-Korea Business Institute Jai Kang SCI 317 338-6362

College of Business

All degree programs in the College of Business are accredited by AACSB (the international association for management education). The College of Business offers the following undergraduate degrees:1

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the following concentrations:

Accounting 05021

Business Analysis 05071

Corporate Finance 05041

Electronic Commerce Systems 05062

Entrepreneurial/Small Business Management 05996

Financial Services 05042

Human Resource Management 05151

Information Systems 07021

International Business 05131

Management 05061

Marketing 05091

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management with the following concentration:

Hotel Management 05081

The college participates in the interdisciplinary B.S. in Hospitality Management program with the College of Health and Human Services. The Department of Hospitality Management offers a concentration in Hotel Management within this degree.

The College of Business offers the following minor programs:

Business Administration
Business Analysis
Entrepreneurial/Small Business Management
Hospitality Management
Human Resource Management
Information Systems
International Business

The College of Business offers the following certificate programs:

Certificate in Hospitality Management
Certificate in Information Technology Auditing
Certificate in International Business
Certificate in the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing

The College of Business offers the following graduate degrees:1

Master of Business Administration 05011

Master of Science in Business Administration 05011

Accelerated Master of Business Administration 05011

Alliance Master of Business Administration 05011

The various graduate programs offered by the College of Business are accredited by the AACSB, The International Association for Management Education.

Department Structure

The College of Business is made up of seven departments that provide limited specialization in representative areas of business and governmental activity and in teaching. The departments, supervised by chairpersons, are: Accounting, Information Systems and Business Analysis, Finance, Hospitality Management, International Business, Management, and Marketing.

College Mission

The mission of the San Francisco State University College of Business is to educate future and current business professionals for San Francisco Bay Area organizations.

To accomplish this mission, the College of Business has established the following goals. They are:

The goal of these undergraduate programs is to provide students with rigorous accredited programs built upon a strong general education, theoretical foundations, and practical business education for developing career skills necessary in a highly competitive environment.

In order to prepare students to exercise critical judgment in making decisions, the college stresses developing analytical skills, respect for ethical standards, building interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to work in an ever-changing environment.

The degree in business administration provides limited specialization in a number of functional and cross-functional areas. The degree in hospitality management provides a specialized program in the area of hotel management.

Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Business Administration

The College of Business offers a variety of programs at the graduate level, thereby providing diverse paths to achieving high quality in management education. Most students opt for one of the general Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) programs, but some prefer a more specialized and focused master of science (M.S.) program.

The M.B.A. is the flagship graduate business program that most students select. It provides students with a broad background of knowledge, societal and environmental awareness, analytical and decision-making skills, and interpersonal and communication abilities, which are appropriate for career progress to the highest organizational levels. This program is primarily designed for students with non-business baccalaureate degrees but also provides challenging advanced study for those with business baccalaureate degrees.

The M.S.B.A. provides students with the opportunity to pursue in-depth specialized or cross-disciplinary study through individually customized programs, which are appropriate for each student's career development, in technical areas and/or specialized managerial paths. This program also develops critical analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities.

The Accelerated M.B.A. is a fixed curriculum, cohort program offered off-campus for working professionals. The Alliance M.B.A. is a flexible off-campus program that is delivered directly to workplaces anywhere in the world, using some combination of two-way audio-video teleconferencing and Alliance faculty travel to the workplace.

1 The numbers following the degrees are used by this university to identify the programs indicated. These numbers must be used on the application for admission, registration forms, application for graduation, etc.