San Francisco State University Bulletin

This on-line version of the 2001-02 Bulletin is designed to mimic the printed version so that it can be used to determine `Bulletin rights.' Any approved mid-year changes will be linked as separate files and identified as such. For those who are interested in information on the programs and services of the university, we hope this Web version is helpful.

2001-02 Bulletin Table of Contents

How To Use This Bulletin
The California State University
San Francisco State University
SFSU: Strength Through Diversity
The Making of a University
A Walk Through our Urban Park
The Community is our Classroom
Faculty: The Minds That Lead Us
Students: A World of Excellence
Mission of the University
The University Curriculum: Index of Academic Programs
Degree Program Summary
Baccalaureate Degrees
Post-Baccalaureate Degrees
Minor Programs
Certificate Programs
Credential Programs
University Calendar
SFSU Administrative Officers
College Profiles
Behavioral and Social Sciences
Creative Arts
Ethnic Studies
Extended Learning
Health and Human Services
Science and Engineering
University Resources and Support Services
Advising Services
Alternative Learning Opportunities
Athletics and Sports
Belonging To SFSU
Career Center
Class Schedule
Counseling and Psychological Services
Disability Resource Center
Educational Outreach Programs and Services
Housing and Residential Services
Information Resources: Library, Media, and Information Technology
Learning Assistance Center and Related Tutorial Services
Military Studies
Office of International Programs
Performing, Visual, and Media Arts
Research and Special Learning Facilities
Special Enrollment Programs
Student Health Service
Testing Center
General Admission Requirements and Procedures
Undergraduate Admission Requirements and Procedures
Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Application Procedures and Requirements
International Students
Student Fees and Financial Aid
Fees and Other Expenses/Refunds
Student Financial Aid
University Policies and Procedures
General Policies and Procedures
Grading Policy and Systems
Scholastic Distinction
Academic Standards
Undergraduate Education
Undergraduate Education/Degree Overview
Academic Advising for Undergraduate Students at SFSU
Planning Your Studies At SFSU
Academic Checklist
Graduation Requirements
General Education Requirements
Graduation and Commencement Procedures
Graduate Education
Graduate Studies: Requirements and Procedures
Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures
Summary of Procedural Steps For Completing A Graduate Degree
Announcement of Courses
Course Descriptions may be found in the printed Bulletin in the Leonard Library Periodical Department.
Directory of Instructional Faculty, Academic Administrators, Librarians, and Student Services Professionals
Emeritus/Emerita Faculty
Supplemental Regulations and Procedures
Requests for Exceptions to Academic Policies