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Degree Planning

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San Francisco State University is committed to ensure each and every student has the right tools to plan for their educational goals. These tools include:

Degree Progress Report

Your Degree Progress Report identifies all of the degree requirements necessary for an undergraduate degree. This includes General Education Requirements, University Requirements and Major Program Requirements (currently under construction). Resident and transfer coursework and test credit will also appear on your report.

Access My Degree Progress Report

  1. Navigate to your report by visiting SF State Gateway
  2. Login with your SF State ID and password
  3. Click on the Academics link in the left menu
  4. Click on the Student Center icon
  5. Navigate to the pull-down menu and select Degree Progress Report
  6. Click the double arrow button to display your report
  7. Please direct any issues or questions regarding your report to the Registrar's Web Team at

What's Available on My Report?
General Education and University Requirement rules are available on the report. All coursework including resident, transfer and test credit are also available.

Major Programs
Major program requirements are currently under construction and will be progressively rolled out for 2014-15 academic year. The programs that will be completed during this time include:

Business Administration, Biology, Kinesiology, Engineering, Communication Studies, English/Creative Writing, Criminal Justice Studies, Psychology, Cinema and Sociology. Note: Additional majors will be added as quickly as possible.

Explore Your Degree Progress Report
A How-To Guide to your Degree Progress Report is available to help you get familiar with the report.


A semester-by-semester guide (not available for all majors) to the course requirements necessary to complete a bachelor’s degree in a designated major.

ASE (Advanced Standing Evaluation)

ASE reports display transfer work that does not display on DARS reports. [ASE reports are available to students who attended SFSU prior to Fall 2014 (if applicable)].

DARS (Degree Audit Reports)

Reports from the former Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) are available through December 30, 2014. Students may access their DARS report through SF State Gateway. [Applicable to students who attended SF State prior to Fall 2014].

Use these tools along with appropriate advising from the Advising Center (for general education requirements) and your major advisor to finish your degree!


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