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Applicants/New Students

New undergraduate admits must login to their Student Center on SF State Gateway and complete the steps outlined below.

If you have not applied and are interested in attending SF State, please see our Future Students page for more information.


Required Steps for all Newly Admitted Students
at SF State -- Fall 2014

Accept Admission Offer (AAO): April 1 - May 1, 2014

If you plan to attend SF State in Fall 2014, you must accept your admission offer online between April 1 - May 1. Please refer to the AAO Frequently Asked Questions list for more information.

New Student Orientation

Students receive early advising and early course registration at orientation. Space in orientation sessions and fall classes is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Sign up for orientation starting April 1, 2014 when you accept your offer of admission.

Proof of Immunization

All students must fulfill immunization requirements before they can register for classes. Please access the Immunization Requirements form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

Proof of Insurance (International Students)

International students are required to show proof of insurance to Student Health Services or purchase medical insurance from Please see Student Health Services for details.

Send Final Transcripts - Deadline: July 15, 2014

Send to: Undergraduate Admissions, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, CA 94132.


Required Steps For All Newly Admitted Students
at SF State (Freshman Only) -- Fall 2014

English (EPT) and Mathematics (ELM) Placement Tests

Check your test score status to see if you need to take the EPT and/or ELM test. SF State strongly urges all non-exempt students to test early in February or March. The deadline to sign up is April 25, 2014 for the May 3, 2014 test(s). Students who do not take the final test on or before May 3, will not be able to attend SF State. Please visit the CSU EPT/ELM System to register for the ELM/EPT test online or visit the Testing Center web site.

Early Start Summer Program - Freshmen Fall Admits Only

Students who require English or Mathematics remediation based on EPT/ELM placement scores must participate in the Early Start program before enrolling in fall classes. Beginning April 1, 2014, check your Student Center on SF State Gateway to see if you must participate in the Early Start program for Fall 2014. You will also receive an email from SF State with instructions about the program if you are required to participate. Please refer to the Early Start Program page for more information.

Directed Self Placement - Freshmen Fall Admits Only

All students who take the EPT test must complete Directed Self Placement to choose their fall English course.


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