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Student Voices


Public higher education in California continues to face unprecedented cuts. In December 2011, San Francisco State University President Robert A. Corrigan invited students to raise their voices to help elected officials understand how budget cuts and rising fees affect students and their families.  


More than 200 students have responded to date, describing experiences that convey the real consequences of budget cuts and increased tuition fees. Some have given permission to share their stories on this website as well. Click the links below, or the "Student Stories Listing" link on the left, to read more.


Featured Voices

Photo of Brian A

Brian A., 28, West Point, MS

"I joined the military in order to pay for my education, but the benefits get eaten right up by these fee increases." Brian's Story

Photo of Rebekah P

Rebekah P., 19, Pinole, CA

"With the tuition increasing again, I am now looking at not having money to cover even basic tuition." Rebekah's Story

Photo of Katherine S

Katherine S., 19, Rancho Mirage, CA

"I had to push back applying to nursing school by a year simply because I could not get into anatomy..." Katherine's Story

Photo of Lauren V

Lauren V., 19, Westminster, CA

"If tuition continues to rise only the rich will be able to attend university and that is not right..." Lauren's Story

Photo of Dennis H

Dennis H., 23, South San Francisco, CA

"It is necessary for me to work not only to put myself through college, but also to help support my family..." Dennis' Story



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