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How to Use the Calendar

To search the Calendar, click on "Search" in the left-hand navigation bar. Enter a key word to search one or more calendars by the type of event you are seeking or by the date or dates of the event. Specify start and end dates to narrow or broaden your search. You must provide specific wording when searching the Calendar. If you are looking for a film, for example, you must type in "film," not "films" or "movies." Search by other key words, such as "music," "lecture," "civil discourse," or "deadline."

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Submit an Event

The Calendar lists San Francisco State University events of general and specific interest to the campus community and the public. The Student Life section is open only to the campus community. It includes recognized student organizations, LEAD, Student Center, Associated Students, Residential Life, etc. All San Francisco State University departments, units, and recognized student organizations are welcome to submit calendar listings for their events. See Calendar Policies for more information.

Event entries should be submitted at least five business days prior to the event, or earlier if possible.

Use the "Submit an Event" link at left to submit your event to the Calendar.

Filling out a request form does not guarantee that the event will be listed. The decision about posting an event to the Calendar will be made within two business days. If information is missing or the event is not appropriate for the calendar (see Calendar Policies), you will be notified by e-mail.

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Calendar Policies

The Calendar is an interactive Web-based program that enables the campus community to post, view and search for events at SF State. The Calendar provides University departments and recognized student organizations with a simple, centralized means to announce and describe their events to the University community and the public.

Criteria for Adding an Event

To add a listing to the Calendar, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The event must be sponsored by an official campus department or unit or a recognized (registered) student group authorized by LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Action, Development).
  2. The event must be scheduled in an authorized University facility in accordance with San Francisco State University campus regulations, University policies and established procedures. Recognized Student Organizations should consult "Event Planning Policies and Procedures" published by LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Action, Development). Faculty, staff, and administrators should consult "Guide to Facilities Use," published by the Office of Special Events and Projects. All event planners are responsible for knowing and adhering to University regulations concerning event insurance, security guidelines, and liability issues. Consult the Office of Safety and Risk Management or LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Action, Development) for information.
    Certain off-campus events may also be posted if sponsored by an SF State department or program. These may include arts and entertainment events sponsored by the College of Creative Arts, events for prospective students, and other events that further the mission of the University. Posting of such events is at the discretion of the Calendar Editor or designated Calendar Administrator.
  3. Each event submission must include an event title, campus sponsor, date, time, location, and cost, if applicable, as well as a contact name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  4. Event planners must use the Calendar's "Submit Event" web form when submitting events to the Calendar. All submissions are reviewed by the Calendar Editor in the Office of University Communications or by a designated Calendar Administrator before posting.
  5. Event must be open to SF State students, faculty or staff. Events may require advance registration and/or have limited space.

Abusing the Intent of the Calendar

The Calendar Editor reserves the right to delete and/or edit event listings if they do not meet the above mentioned criteria, violate local, state or federal law, or San Francisco State University Policies and Procedures.

Any person or group who abuses the intent of the Calendar will be prevented from having their event listed and could be subject to disciplinary action.


The University makes every attempt to assure the accuracy of the information in the Calendar. Events that are changed, postponed or cancelled at the last minute may not be reflected in the Calendar. If there are any errors, please accept our apologies.

Although the Calendar will be a useful resource for event planners, it is not part of an official scheduling system. Posting an event location on this calendar will not reserve that location for your event -- scheduling events must be done through established University procedures.

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Calendar Administrators

The following calendars have designated Calendar Administrators, who are responsible for maintaining them:

Events Department
Arts and Culture (Creative Arts events only) College of Creative Arts
Athletics Athletics Department
Faculty and Staff Center for Enhancement of Teaching
Prospective Students/Parents Student Outreach Services
Student Life LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Action, Development)
Testing and Examinations Testing Office

All other calendars are currently maintained by University Communications or the Division of Information Technology.

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Calendar Style

In submitting events to the Calendar, please follow these simple guidelines to ensure consistency of style throughout the site:


Event Titles

Use initial caps and lower case throughout. Use quote marks around lectures, exhibits, symposiums, films, plays, etc., or anything with a formal title. Use a one- or two-word descriptor for your event, when appropriate:

  • Lecture: "Building Bridges to Tomorrow"
  • Symposium: "Challenge for Change"
  • Recital: William Corbett-Jones, Piano
  • Exhibit: "Biraciality: A Prism for Consciousness"
  • Poetry Reading: William Carlos Williams
  • Film: "The Bourne Identity"
  • Theatre: "Oklahoma"
  • Meeting: Student Center Governing Board
  • Holiday Fair



If your event starts at the top of the hour, don't include zeroes to designate the minutes, e.g., use 4 p.m., (not 4:00). Use lower case for a.m. and p.m.



Use the room number (capitalized) first, followed by the building. Lower case the word "building," Remember that you only have 35 characters in which to give the location. If you need more room, leave this line blank and provide the location in the "Description" box.

  • Room 537, Humanities building (29 characters)
  • Jack Adams Hall, Student Center (31 characters)
  • McKenna Theatre, Creative Arts bldg (35 characters)
  • Fine Arts Gallery, Fine Arts building (35 characters)


University Sponsor(s)

Remember that you only have 35 characters for the sponsor box. If you have multiple University sponsors, leave this line blank and provide the information in the "Description" box.

  • Theatre Arts and Jewish Studies
  • A.S. Performing Arts and Culture
  • Poetry Center/Amer. Poetry Archives (35 characters)



Use this box if your event costs money to attend. If you need more space than 35 characters to describe how and where to get tickets, use the "Description" box. If you wish to emphasize that your event is a free event, type "Free" in the box, but it's not necessary to fill in this space if your event is free.

$6 General; $5 Students, Seniors (32 characters)


Event Contact

Use a person's name, if possible; otherwise, use the department or organization's name as the event contact.


Web site

Only use this if there is a Web site that has been specifically created for the event or if the site has more information about the event than you can include in the listing. Include the http:// in the Web address. If the Web site address is too long to fit in the box (35 character limit), put it in the "Description" box.


E-mail contact

Include the full e-mail address, even if it is an SF State address.


Phone Number contact

Include the area code for every listing, using parentheses around it:
(415) 338-XXXX



Try to keep the information in this box to no more than two or three sentences.

If you have further questions about the Calendar style, contact the Calendar Editor

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If you have questions about using the calendar, email the Calendar Editor

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