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Samantha's Voice


How have increased tuition fees impacted you and your family?:
When I started at SFSU in Fall 2010, tuition was $2,507 a semester for a full-time student. I could handle that without breaking a sweat. I had a couple scholarships at the time that covered tuition and textbook fess. Since then, fees have increased and I lost one of my scholarships due to a huge increase in the number of applicants. My family and I have had to take out student loans, and I am going to graduate in debt. While I'm fortunate enough that my total debt will be under 15K, that's still way more than I ever wanted to be in debt. I know I'm pretty fortunate compared to other students. I live with my parents, so I don't have to worry about paying rent or where my groceries are coming from. My grandparents pay for my transportation fees. I've got no job because my parents want me to focus on my education. But, my time being sheltered by my family is running out. As soon as I graduate, I'll have to search for a job immediately so I can pay off my debts. If tuition had stayed as cheap as it was when I first started attending SF State, I would have more time to search for a job that really interested me and where I could use the skills I've learned here. Instead, I'm willing to be hired by any company that will give me a decent paycheck.


What are you studying at SF State and what do you hope to do once you graduate?:
I'm majoring in Japanese, and planning to minor in Pacific Asian Studies. Once I graduate, I hope to join the JET program and spend a year (or hopefully more) in Japan, immersing myself in the culture and trying to master the language.


Samantha B., 22 Richmond, CA



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