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Samantha's Voice

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How have increased tuition fees impacted you and your family?:
The increase in tuition fees has made it harder and harder for me to be able to afford my basic living expenses and still be able to go to school. I have lived away from home since I turned 18 and have been working and going to school ever since. I have a roommate since being able to afford to live on my own would be impossible since all of my income that doesn't go toward paying for living expenses like rent and food goes toward paying for school. I don't qualify for FAFSA because even though I claim myself as an independent and my mom doesn't claim me as a dependent on her taxes I still need to enter her income information as well as my step dad's information. My mom does help me pay for school but couldn't possibly afford to pay all of my tuition so I try to cover as much as I can myself by working. I work full time and go to school full time. My days usually consist of me waking up early to go to class then immediately afterwards going to work for eight hours then coming home and staying up late to do homework for class the next morning. Even though it feels like I'm constantly working it's still always a struggle to make ends meet. I'm always either at work, at school or doing homework. I have no free time and work really hard to just be able to keep going to school. Because I have to worry about paying for school so much it puts extra pressure on me because if I don't pass a class I may not be able to afford to take it again. If tuition continues to rise I may not be able to continue my education and will be stuck working at a low paying entry level job. Making education affordable should be a top priority since many students like me have no choice but to live away from home and pay for their own education.


What are you studying at SF State and what do you hope to do once you graduate?:
My major is Sociology and I am also minoring in Sexuality Studies. I plan on also pursuing a Master's Degree in Counseling and am interested in finding a career where I would be involved in sexuality education.


Samantha C., 22 South San Francisco



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